Worlds best JAFA Joke Competition

Yes thats right we’re making fun of JAFA’s as a public service.

Make your submissions and the ten best will be put on a T-shirt. Just the thing to wear in the next black out if you happen to be trapped in Auckland on your way to somewhere – anywhere that isn’t Jafaland.

I’ll get things started…

The Great JAFA Joke Shirt.

The electricty system

The water system (and they pay for it)

The Mayors they elect

The transport system

The road “system”

The tree ownership

Their funny little belief that they’re a “major international city”.

33% of the population 15% of the employment

The airport – which isn’t even in Auckland


2 Responses to Worlds best JAFA Joke Competition

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    The best JAFFA joke of all is that all the windbags are in Wellington.

  2. Murray says:


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