August 31, 2006

Naguib Mahfouz has passed away at 94. If you have not read “Palace Walk“, you really should. (You will enjoy it even more if you have ever visited Cairo).

Caption contest entry

August 29, 2006

This is my entry for Genertaion XY’s caption competition #38captioncontest.jpg


August 29, 2006

I am back.

First of all, as far as that link goes, David Fosters comment is a winner, and that’s an understatement, especially in July-August in the Aegean. One word: Meltemi.

Second, don’t do business with these people. As it often happens, cheap solutions can turn very expensive, and the fact that a shipping company says they are insured does not necessarily mean they actually are.

Third: Turkey may be a great country to visit, but if you come in a private boat, choose a port of entry other than Marmaris (that is if you want to enter and leave Turkey legally, as I think anyone who watched Midnight Express probably does). If you do end up in Marmaris marina, though, and you have a refrigeration problem, look up Andreas. He is the Austrian guy who not only will tell you why your problem cannot be fixed, but also will help you live with it more easily (yes, there are easier ways to release the air from the cooling pump), and will help you with anything else he can, and will not charge you an arm and a leg.

Fourth, and this one was actually a surprise: if you have anything to do with boating, and you run into a guy named Steve Anderson around FL, you should know that he is an expert seaman, but is one of the lousiest human beings I have ever met. Truth be told, throughout my life I have actually met very few people that I can describe in such terms, so maybe I am overreacting. Still, be warned.

In a very sharp contrast to the latter, it is amazing how many wonderful people are out there.

Thanks to Simone and Claudio in La Spezia, who did all they could to help us fix the damages that the boat incurred during shipment, and to the rest of the citizens of that fine city, who truly know how to celebrate. Viva Italia, and, BTW, Zidane has demonstrated quite literally what testa di cazzo really means.

Thanks also to the great people of Perdika, who probably know very well what should be obvious: that a bay that is open to the NW provides no adequate shelter from a NW wind, and who are always ready to help those who may be oblivious to that simple fact, or who simply could find no other place to anchor that night. And they often do this at risk to themselves, and without expecting to be paid.

Thanks to the amazing family who owns the only taverna in Levitha. No, make that the only family in Levitha, who also happens to operate a taverna. No menu, but they do tell you that they have either fish or goat, and the choice is not as obvious as one might think. BTW, is goat kosher? Who cares, it’s so damn good!

Thanks to Yoni, who helped us cross from Marmaris to Haifa, who was such a pleasure to have on board, and whose parents are, unsurprisingly, just as delightful as he is. This is what we in Israel call “Salt of the Earth”.

Thanks to the many people from all over the world, who everywhere, every day, were there to help, without being asked, and without expecting a reward. This is what made this trip so great, all the beautiful places, delicious food, and incomparable Greek music being considered.

Update: Marmaris was a bureaucratic nightmare, but now that seems like a walk in the park.

Update: It turns out that these guys did have insurance, and we seem to be headed towards a satisfactory conclusion of that aspect of the trip.

Thought for the day.

August 26, 2006

Cats can do anything that dogs can.

They just don’t feel like doing it.

The celestial body formerly known as Pluto.

August 26, 2006

After having been downgraded from “Planet”, Pulto has now been desginated as being in a “special class”.

Consequently Pluto will now been known as “Ralph Wiggen”.

Cox & Forkum have more.

Note: Although this has thrown a lot of astrologers into a tail spin the Democratic party will still be using their services in relation to policy planing.

Sneak preview.

August 26, 2006

Well we’ve been working hard here at the foundry and by we I of course mean me while everyone else here only wakes up long enough to demand more food/heat/attention/external access.

In spite of being a full time feline PA we have managed to come up with….

The Gnome Home for Computer!


Yes you cubicle rats no longer need to miss out. This Gnome Home is designed for indoor use and comes with yellow tack so you can stick it on to your computer, wall, book case, microwave whatever. Actually don’t stick it on your microwave. Kids are easily upset.

As you can see it has a handy little rope ladder giving you maximum oportunity to carefully explain to your co-workers & boss how the little people who live inside your computer get in and out and how they all come out and play at night etc.

Given that employers can now be nailed for stress realted health issues this simple item could well play a part in getting some extra holiday time!

They’ll be up on the site in about a week or so after the Spring Festival but if you want one before then just email me and we’ll sort it out. They go for $16 + $6 p&p USD for all you nothern hemisphere people or $25 in local money incl postage.

Friday Night Free For All

August 25, 2006

On tonight at Sir H’s.

New Phone message for the Anglosphere.

August 25, 2006


WELCOME TO the United Kingdom/Canada/Australia/NZ/anywhere in the current or former British Empire/Commonwealth..

Press “1” for English.

Press “2” to disconnect until you
have learned to speak English

Hey look, even you ‘mericans are there. “former British Empire”, thats you guys. See, we’re inclusive.

When rights mean nothing.

August 24, 2006

From the Zealand Bill of Rights Act

Section 15 [Religion and Belief]

Every person has the right to manifest that person’s religion or belief in worship, observance, practice, or teaching, either individually or in community with others, and either in public or in private.

From Dave at Big News…

The woman who disciplined her son with a riding crop has religious beliefs, and although that is no more a crime than smacking in this country, Child Youth and Family do not like parents who are willing to physically discipline their children within the law due to their religious beliefs. Because this woman does have these beliefs, CYFS is attempting to take her daughter away from her and are trying very hard to look for abuse when there is none and are requesting that the womans daughter be assessed for physical abuse.

An abusive CYFS document the woman e-mailed to Big News and entitled “goals and objectives to be achieved” describes her her parenting style as “entrenched” in her religion, consequently asking ” what is her ability and willingness to change”, and questioning ” whether the girl should be “living in an environment supportive of her mothers views and beliefs”?

Spot the difference!

August 24, 2006

Ok first lets take a look at this….


This is from the Iranian based Hezbollah site moqavemat and is “an Israeli ship being struck by a Hezbollah missle”.

Loverly shot, most impresssed by Hezbollah getting their chopper in place in time to get this shot and managing to avoid all the AAA coming from the Israeli navy. Get it together you guys.

Ok flash back to 1998…


This is a photo of the decommissioned Australian destroyer-escort HMAS Torrens being sunk by a torpedo fired by the submarine HMAS Farncomb.

You will note the ship has been completely stipped down and there are no weapons, navigational or communications systems in evidence. Obseverve also the total abscence of a bow wave or wake of any kind. This ship was stationary when struck.

Now I put it to you that these two pictures may actually constitute Hezbollah being just tad dishonest and I will go as far as to sugest that these to photos are possible one in the same!

Yes and how shocked are we all that they would even try to pull this off?

Firstly Hezbollah missles have a number of chacteristics, accuracy isn’t one of them. Targeting of military assests is also not the first priority. Since their top target is civilian residential areas with a focus on hospitals, schools and relgious sites if they’d showed us a picture of two dead little (Muslim) boys in Nazareth that they had murdered we might have been just a tad less skeptical.

However be assured that the Muslim world will swallow this crap hook line and sinker. They might see Reuters or BBC throw cold water on it though… the day after say France for example aquires a set of balls.

Lets all hold our breath on that one shall we.