And the winner is…

September 29, 2006




Friday Night Free For All

September 29, 2006

Welcome everyone who isn’t a sad pathetic labour party toady. Your time is up.

Everyone else go for it!

I always suspected as much…

September 25, 2006

Llew… I am your father!


The farce is strong with this one.

What does it take to get banned on DPF’s blog anyway?

September 25, 2006

Read the comments and find out.

Thats some nice banning boys.

Let the usual chants of “echo chamber” begin from the usual left wing dickheads many of whom don’t even allow comments¬† and can’t grasp the concept that they don’t have a RIGHT to troll someone elses site with outright defamatory comments.


There is NO “vast right wing conspiracy”!

September 25, 2006

Look, this is just getting silly, these paranoid claims by Clark that some uber-secret cabal of golfers and lawyers is behind all her woes is just getting plain damn sad.

None of her bizarre claims have ANY evidence whatsoever to back them up, and really no one gives her hysterical ranting any credence at all.

So in that spirit….

Here’s the VRWC’s home page, heres their first single, and here is the merchandise page, proceeds from which go to Darnton vs Clark.

Others have noticed this group as well.

Whaleoil – VRWC exists, releases a video

Darnton vs Clark – Rolling Stones/Labour Party Mashup

Kiwiblog – A new version of an old song

Voters give Labour a spanking.

September 24, 2006

After the most appalling week of lies, smears, personal abuse, threats and more lies the final authority has spoken.


Look at all that blue.

We don’t believe you Helen.

Want to see the polls change? Give us back our money and we’ll think about it.

Oh and you might want to give some thought to calling off YOUR dogs. They don’t seem to be all that popular with the punters.
SIT Trevor.

New and Improved!

September 24, 2006

Which of course makes the stuff already out there “old and inferior”, but thats not really a selling point I like my telemarketing department to mention.

Here it is in time for Halloween, the Gnome Home Gift Box sets…


The Gnome Home is supplied in this handmade gift box with the door and window set into a foamboard base.


Add a ribbon, and you have an attractive presentation item. Of course the box label can be customised for the season and have a personalised message added.


The cost is a blistering $1 on top of the usual price. They wont be added to the site for a while yet, due to my being just a tad busy this week, so contact me directly if you want one for this Halloween.