Bring it.

OK, they’re coming out of the closet now and quite simply trying to bully, blackmail and intimidate the opposition into silence.

Someone please send 41 copies of Glen Reynolds’ “An Army of Davids” to Labour. They haven’t quite grasped the concept that they can’t get everyone who knows they’re corrupt.

You want people to stop calling you corrupt? Give us back our money and stop trying to alter the law to redefine your illegal activities.

Labour hardman Trevor Mallard yesterday threatened to reveal secrets about the private lives of National MPs if they keep calling him and his colleagues corrupt in the election spending battle.


DPF plays host to the usual suspects who will seek to defend the indefensible.

Personal note to Trevor.

A few days ago you pined a veterans badge on my father. Had my grandfather been alive you would have pined one on him to. You paid tribute to the contribution that those men in that room had made to our freedom from a man who served in Korea as a gunner, the pilot of a mosquito with 38 combat missions over Europe to a a guy who never finished high school but rose to be a senior Warrant Officer and an MBE with service in Korea and Malaya. You spoke of how they had ensured the world today was a much better place than it would have been without them. They secured New Zealand’s freedom and independence.

You’re where you are on the strength of their efforts as a member of our government, entrusted with the safe keeping of us all whether we voted for you or not. It was a privilege, as you said, for you to be there.

What are you doing to honor them and keep faith with the responsibility placed on you with this tawdry effort? How does this descent into the gutter make the world a better place? What is going to be your legacy?

You’re not “Labour’s hardman”, you are a bully. The very sort those old men served to oppose.

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