Friday Night Free For All

Welcome everyone who isn’t a sad pathetic labour party toady. Your time is up.

Everyone else go for it!

43 Responses to Friday Night Free For All

  1. andrei says:

    And good evening to you to Murray.

    Have you ever thought of a Helen gnome? Perhaps she could go with the Che gnome and the Fidel gnome.

    Or perhaps she belongs with the Kofi Annan collection.

  2. Gooner says:

    Hi all. Not here for long. Need to do dishes and then read stories to 6 yr old who almost spent $260K on Trademe during the week.

    Plenty happening in the political world right now. Very active.

    Oops, there goes my 6 yr old. Might be back after 24.

  3. Murray says:

    Actually andrei I’m working on special Helen & co bean bags.

    Trebuchet ammunition. See you at Harcourt Park for the testing.

  4. mojo says:

    Good evening, good to see teachers can touch kiddies again .. reassuring really. And can one consider the Presbyterian elders brave or simply a majority of right thinking people. There seems something right about saying this here … it has been a tuff week. But I did get a free drink & voucher for a free pie from BP & this on top of reduced petrol price!

  5. andrei says:

    Would your bean bags function as Hemorrhoid Cushions Murray?

    They could make great gifts to elderly suffers of this condition

  6. So now the Maori Party says they don’t know the identity of the donor!

    It was a lovely day today in Auckland, pity I’m still stuck in doors working…

  7. Lucyna says:


    How on earth could the Maori Party not know? Did the guy meet them in a dark alley way, disguised so that no one would recognise him? Or are they just saying, they never asked who it was that wanted to donate. Some guy comes up to them, says my boss wants to give you money, you just have to get in bed with Labour, and they don’t ask who the boss is?

  8. They’re saying the offer was made through an intermediary – see latest SH link.

  9. Murray says:

    I see Ron Mark has jumped on the wild allegation wagon.

    Nothing means anything except the timing as far as I can see.

  10. andrei says:

    ‘Tis a storm in a tea cup.

    At an election rally I put it to the Honourable Winston Peters himself that the country needed a change of Government and that in making my choice for whom to cast my vote a primary consideration would be certainty that my selected party would not form a Coalition with Helen and her hags under any circumstances.

    A legitimate thing to communicate surely.

    Perhaps I should shut up – who will be next on the demonization list

  11. Fredski says:

    HELLO……..lo HELLO……lo. Gosh, the were right. There is an echo in here.

  12. Hello Fredski. Don’t believe I’ve seen you around these parts before…

  13. Murray says:

    Actually fred its more of a private club for non-assholes.

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way back to your psycophantic dance round the idol of helen.


  14. andrei says:

    Old Fredski probably read Chris Trotski’s piece on the right blogosphere that was in the Dominion and ODT today.

    Of course poor old Chris couldn’t see that his fetid piece stank far more of the sewer than anything he will find here

  15. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Evening all. Got a bit heavy so I came home early. HAven’t seen any media reports and BTW it’s not just elders. Half the people who vote are elders and half ministers. Back soon after I’ve had a look around.

  16. Lucyna says:

    It’s pretty quiet tonight.

    That Chris Trotter piece today was incredibly. I think he implied the right were evil, and who let us publish our stuff on the internet anyway.

  17. Evening all. Hows life?

  18. Yes Lucyna, I think Chris is a bit stretched to advocate positive things for the left at the moment, so finding a few things out of context on the net was easy enough to pay for his weekly column. Man has to feed his family after all. 🙂

  19. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Not much reported. Oh well, what’s everyone been up to? Enjoyed meeting DPF, DAvid W and Rob O’Niel for the first time on Wednesday. The miserable buggers at the Robber’s Dog have taken Tetleys off and repalcved it with some Kraut hog’s schlopps.

  20. Had a great coffee and bite to east with DPF at Benedictions on Thursday. He said he had a great night out.

    Thinking about local govt, anyone want to make some predictions on what’s going to happen at Mayoral/Council elections next year?

  21. Murray says:

    Of course we’re evil. We believe in smaller government, individual responsibility, parents rasing their own kids, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, open and accountable government and the exposing of leftist corruption.

    This is the fuckwit who claims corruption is good when it’s the socialists doing it to stay in power for the love of god. Don’t read his crap, it’s stunts your brain cells. Look at what it’s done to phil. Yes phil I can see your ip.

  22. Look, Trotter is one of them, and a sentimentalist at heart. Having actually met him over dinner and drinks, he’s no slug at political analysis. But he simply can’t bear to criticise the Labour Party now that this represents the credible vanguard of the left in a post-Alliance Party parliament.

  23. Talking about philu, I just visited his site. The comments are turned off and Lucyna stars in his most recent post.

  24. andrei says:

    Oh yeah, hopefully it will end up online.

    Comrade Trotter positively lamented the fact the there was no power to shut us down.

    Freedom of speech only applies to the left and academia (where it has ceased to exist)

  25. Lucyna says:

    What? Phil’s writing about me …

  26. Murray says:

    Yep they’ll all putting their fingers in their ears and not reading the polls.

    The part where they want to put their fingers in other peoples ears is the part that shows them for what they really are. May as well all put on black shirts and come out into the open.

  27. Lucyna says:

    Ok, that was good for a laugh. I’ve actually got tears!

  28. Murray says:

    Don’t worry, its just transference. He lacks a female influence in his life.

    Also a sane influence.

    English influence absent.

    Legable influence left looooong time ago.

    It’s just not pretty.

  29. Lucyna says:

    Adolf, what did you mean earlier about everything getting too heavy for you?

  30. Lucyna says:

    Murray, if it’s tranference, I think I ought to be worried. He needs to obsess about someone else.

  31. exocet says:

    Hi everyone

    Seriously, does anyone expect anything less from an old-school socialist like Trotter?.

    A shark bites, a bird sings and a socialist seeks power over others at all costs and by all means.

  32. Murray says:

    Hey this is the best that the left can put up.

    If it wasn’t for the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Trooter praises them for stealing from us there’d be no excuse for them ever getting back in.

    What you should be afraid of is that people read the revolting hate speech he produces and accept it as having any value in a democracy.

  33. exocet says:

    I note also that Trotter does not name any RW blog specfically by name.

  34. Lucyna says:

    Exocet, but it’s just so blatant. You’d think the man would be embarassed at having that sort of thing published. No, wait he can’t be, because he doesn’t get interviewed by people like us. We are the bogeymen on the other side of the internet …

  35. exocet says:

    What papers published trotter’s ‘column’. Perhaps a few letters to the editor may be in order…

  36. Lucyna says:

    Dominion Post every Friday puts his column right under the cartoon, above the letters to the editor and to the right of the editorial.

    Maybe Chris is going bonkers because he’s found the Chris Trotter tag at SH?

  37. Lucyna says:

    I’m off to bed. Goodnight everyone!

  38. Funny you mention that, Lucyna, Do a Google search on his name and see what turns up:

  39. Zen deserves some sort of award for his consistent criticism of Trotter, and it looks like the readers love it.

  40. exocet says:

    Good work Zen!

    Oh well, it’s goodnight from me too. Out to the farm tomorrow to feed lambs.

  41. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Humble apologies for dosing off last night. Lucyna, it was the tedium of a five day conference after only two days.

  42. Lucyna says:

    AL, I wonder if Chris Trotter found the tag link that way! Oh, how cool.

    Hey, I get into Chris 3 times according to that tag. Adolf has a go, too. But it looks like Zen wins for the most boots in.

  43. Lucyna says:

    That’s ok, Adolf. If you are talking about the Presbytarian thing, there’s a full page article on it in the Dom Post today.

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