Well thats the summer wardrobe sorted.

October 31, 2006



October 31, 2006

Fine, it’s Halloween, but sending someone linked to this sort of imagery really should come with some kind of a warning!

Thought for the day.

October 30, 2006

Actually everything they do, they do to make money.

A request.

October 29, 2006

Does anyone have a 3 meter length of fine piano wire they could spare?

No reason, no reason at all.

Friday Night Free For All

October 27, 2006

OK team, let’s go for it.

Why I don’t give a crap how hard she cries.

October 27, 2006

So a hard-core lefty sees the light and gets all emotional. DSD felt for her pain… briefly. I’m stuck on not giving a rats if she looses half her body weight via her tear ducts.

Here’s why.

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R. Lee Ermey

October 27, 2006

Role model, straight talking pyromaniac, and an all round good egg.

Next time you’re in town give me a call, and I’ll buy you a beer.

RAF Habbaniyah

October 27, 2006

The British presence at RAF Habbaniyah ended in 1959. Or more to the point the living presence ended then.

The Commonwealth War Cemetery of Habbaniyah, Iraq, is the final resting place of 289 Commonwealth Servicemen and civilians, including women and children. 257 of them are from WWII.

During the intervening years, unlike most other War Cemeteries, Habbaniyah was both neglected and deliberately vandalised. A group of Ghurkas and US servicemen under former Sgt Maj Terry Pearson QO Highlanders, have been restoring Habbaniyah Cemetery.

Dave of Cabarfeidh has posted this on you tube detailing their efforts.

Thank you, gentlemen.



Celebrity Death Match

October 26, 2006

Blackfive hosts the ass whopping of the decade, as one Aussie kicks the living crap out of those shining wits the Ditzy Shits.

Ditzy Shits came out hard and fast with their latest single “Not ready to quit bitching”, but Beccy Cole cleaned their collective clocks for them with Poster Girl…

Now that’s art, people.

That final score again:

Aussie – 1, self absorbed media ho’s – GOOSE EGG.


Reality bites

October 26, 2006

In this case it bites a large chunk out of the ass of an Aussie peacenik.

And you say they never wanted peace? What channel have you been watching for the last 60 years, lady?

Dangerously Subversive Dad might have some sympathy for her, not me. LGF is less than sympathetic towards Palo child abuse as well.

If you are a vocal supporter of terrorists this is what you support. If you ever find out what it is that you were aiding and are appalled by it, don’t look at me for a hug.