The Empty site formerly known as Sir Humphrys

Well, they chaps are victims of their own success and an untimely long weekend in the host country of their server.

Expect them back on screen some time Tuesday.

Do what I did to avoid 509’s: build up a really succesful site, have some yank fly boy unilaterally take control of the hosting and then screw round with the site at his own whim, while ignoring all the authors, walk away and start your own private club for the readers that follow you.

You’ll never exceed your bandwidth or have to deal with inane wankers, who think they have a right to be dickheads on your dime.

Other authors may come with you, but not actually post that much anyway. It’s all good.

8 Responses to The Empty site formerly known as Sir Humphrys

  1. Murray says:


    Look at the time stamp people it took her five minutes!!

    I couldn’t have gotten her on the phone faster than that.

  2. Old Fat Sailor says:

    and your problem is…

  3. Alisa says:

    She would have done it much sooner, if she was not busy collecting and putting in place all those poor lost commas. Although the spelling has gotten much, much better, she must note.

  4. Old Fat Sailor says:

    One must have standards. Ah well, off to work.

  5. Alisa says:

    Wait: are you sailing with us next summer?

  6. Oh, so that was what that was all about.

  7. Alisa says:

    Or, in other words: what was was, was was.

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