Note to National Party Web Critters.

I subscribed to Don Brash’s newsletter, not John Keys’.

Don’t send me crap I didn’t ask for, that’s called “spamming”. To make it clear, anything that contains the words “climate change” in the first sentence is a dictionary definition of CRAP in my book.

Taking voters for granted can cost you elections. Evidently you’re moving on from losing the last election by preparing for losing the next election.

You can fly it into the ground if you like, but turn off the pilot’s commentary for this passenger, thanks.

4 Responses to Note to National Party Web Critters.

  1. joy says:

    Someone signed me up for an environmentalist newsletter. At first it really pissed me off, but now I tend to look it over just to see what idiocy they’re up to now.

    You know the old saying about keeping friends close and enemies closer.

  2. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Hey Murray, climate change is legitimate. It’s the ‘Global Warmers’ at whom you whould be aiming your artillery.

  3. Murray says:

    Today it was sunny, yesterday it rained – OMG CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!!!

    Quick tax me tax me tax me!

    The climate has been changing since before we were just bloody soup. It’ll still changing long after Labour has admitted it’s a bunch of lying thieving deviants.

  4. MandM says:

    Gotta say Murray you speak my language!

    When Key revelead himself as some kinda socialist spouting all the climate change mantra … well I had similar reactions to you.

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