A little something from CYFS Watch

January 31, 2007

Via CYFS Watch –

Found on forced-adoption.com. An excellent site, if you haven’t been there you must go!!

I am a social worker,
I’m really very nice.
I help you loving mothers,
And give you good advice!

Your partner has departed
Your income is too low.
I’m really very sorry,
All your kids will have to go !

Your partner is abusive?
He beats you black and blue?
We’ll soon be there to help you,
And take your children too !

You have a learning problem,
You’re really not too clever
We’ll get your kids adopted
When can you see them?? NEVER!!

Your son is hyperactive?
You need a brief respite;
We’ll soon take ALL your children
Give up the hopeless fight!

Your child was taken into care,
So many years ago
If now you have a baby
That too will have to go!

Foster parents love your kids
To get some more they seek,
For each one brings a tidy sum
$400 per week !!

Children’s homes are run by us ,
Where paedophiles abound
Each time we cover up abuse
“The gutter press” come round

“They” said adoptions worked the best
We soon proved that they would
Fathers shout and mothers cry
Their kids are gone for good!

What happens in our special courts?
Our experts they will say
“You’re a danger to your children,
So we’ll take them all away!”

Your children may be healthy,
Happy and well fed
But one day you might hurt them
That’s what our experts said

The judges know that we are right,
With us they will agree
They dare not risk another course
You have no chance you see !

Our special courts are secret,
So don’t you breathe a word
Of what goes on inside those walls
No matter how absurd !

We’ll get your kids adopted,
And don’t you dare complain!
Or you’ll end up in prison
And I won’t say that again!

We have adoption targets,
They must be met you see,
Failure means a reprimand,
So spare a thought for me!

I’ve always hated social workers with a passion, they’re all so busy telling other people how to raise their kids, that they don’t notice their own. How many have a I known? Hard to say, but I’m related to far too bloody many on my mother’s side.

True, they’re not all Social Workers, those that aren’t are bloody teachers. You know, the ones who act as commissars for CYFS, and tell kids how to get their parents in the shit.

Not a big fan of teachers either.

At this point if just one tenth of what is being made public on CYFS Watch is true, then any and every parent in this country should be terrified.

Your only moral options are to take you kids out of the state education system, arm yourselves, and on no accounts allow any CYFS rep on to your property. At least if you fight them, when you’ve lost you’ll know you did all you could. Unlawful though it may be, your right to protect your family is one thing I’ll never vote to jail you for if I’m on a jury.

So many of these people either handed their kids over, or even went to CYFS in good faith, thinking that they would be helped.


When you introduce a new policy

January 30, 2007

and its in parody before the ink is dry, you may have got just a tad wrong.

Check out SNN taking some serious piss out of UK police comish Blair, with The Bill as its vehicle.

Open for business.

January 30, 2007




January 29, 2007

…says Imshin. I agree:

The horror of the facts on the ground is one thing, and Jimmy Carter’s response to them is quite another. The former president is hard to read without taking into account the southern US context. A partial explanation for his see-and-hear-no-evil view of the world can be found in southern guilt over the maltreatment of blacks. Carter’s chief of staff, Hamilton Jordan, heard his first briefing on the Middle East in 1977 and offered, “I get it: the Palestinians are the niggers.”

Read the whole thing.

Say what?

January 28, 2007

“…With Michigan’s new ban on affirmative action going into effect, and similar ballot initiatives looming in other states, many public universities are scrambling to find race-blind ways to attract more blacks and Hispanics.

Hat tip.

Thought for the day.

January 26, 2007

If you see someone walking down Lambton Quay, wearing a t-shirt with a New Zealand flag on it, they’re probably a tourist.

Meanwhile – when did patriots become incredibly hot?

Friday Night Free For All

January 26, 2007

On tonight at Sir H’s