Helens Mastercard Moment.

Stealing tax payers money to buy an election – $800,000

Raping the taxpayer and flushing their money for no noticeable result – $20,000,000,000

Pissing off a talkback host with access to audio archives?

Absolutely PRICELESS!




5 Responses to Helens Mastercard Moment.

  1. Lucyna says:

    Where? Your link just takes me to the main page.

  2. Murray says:

    Well since its an audio program its kind of hard to link to a visual so i just went to the home page and added in the audio link for good measure.

  3. Whaleoil says:

    I think you are missing a zero, the wasted money is $20,000,000,000

  4. Murray says:

    My bad, I was mesmerized by the all the zeros flashing by, rather like a revolver chamber being spun.

  5. Lucyna says:

    Ah, it’s Ok. I found it at Not PC who linked to something WhaleOil did.

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