Free Ballista Plans! – Revisited.

Thats it I give up. Every damn day I get pinged with free loaders looking for plans. Well fine! There you go, fill yer boots.



Full size? That’s as big as it’s going to get. What do you think this is, freaken gift week?

Update – This is now my most popular post and its managed to cement its place in google due to the attentions of a number of people who get very bitter and twisted about me not handing over several years work to them for the bargain basement price of zippidy do dah.

Well since it’s so popular I’ve punted it back to top for all my regular readers to take another look. Feel free browse the comments and see if you can pick which of the three are now in either in possession of free copies of my table top mangonel or trebuchet plans or will have theirs soon. Yes thats right in fact I DO give away free plans under certain conditions.

1. I’ll give you help with a school project including the free plans and assistance with fixing the problem which resulted from you not following those plans. I do like to encourage people to learn about their history, destroy things in a technical culturally appropriate manner and hope to sell some of them something really destructive (and expensive) at a later date.

2. They ask nicely.

Please note I have no intention of justifying my not giving you freebees any more and comments like jacks – – which amount to “you’re a big poopie head” will no longer be permitted to get through moderation. Jack was emailed and asked to offer an explanation but did not avail himself of the opportunity so he gets some free advertising.

A lot of younger people find their way here and while you may fall out of chair at the concept I do not approve of that sort of language being used in front of minors. Some comments will be deleted in a few days for this reason. (If you’re under 18 or your parents are democrats you probably shouldn’t read anything else on this site.)

Also worthy of not is that my new website – 22AD – is in production and will be up in about a weeks time. Amongst all the fun stuff posted here you will be able to buy plans, parts and small kit sets. There will also be details on the upcoming WMD End of Season Fling for locals and I’ll even be hosting one set of free plans so even obnoxious poorly raised little maggots like jack will be able to use them.

UPDATE 2: FREEBEES! As a special treat for those of you with school projects I’ve done half your homework for you.

Ok first up we have this very nice Medieval Trebuchet paper model by Sheila Mertens. Click on the image to go to her site. It makes a detailed and functional model but it is paper so don’t expect it to throw bricks.


Secondly these plans are all over the place and you’ll find them by doing an image search for trebuchet plans in about 30 seconds just like I did.


While I approve of kids learning about siege engines in school I am concerned that the concepts of initiative and self reliance seem to be neglected for some of you.

If neither of these will do what you need and you have a school project then email me and I’ll see what I can do.

This post now carrys a PG rating. If you’re over 12 you can read the comments but your parents may object.

Email addresses that include profanity probably shouldn’t get published Fjord, even if you use Professor Spooner to do your dirty work.

And for Oswald…


Finally why not stop by Ron Toms and buy something?

UPDATE: Heres you’re very own free Trebuchet plan. I sugest you read the post carefully.

UPDATE: Go here if you’re looking for a ballista plan and want to answer some questions on the subject.

88 Responses to Free Ballista Plans! – Revisited.

  1. Troy Stallard says:

    You don’t want freeloaders looking for free trebuchet plans? Fine; stop [DELETED] mentioning free trebuchet plans, and google will stop sending people here looking for them.

    You remind me of the guy a few years back who put “Dr. Laura nude pics” as the title of his website to get hits, then ranted about Clinton being a criminal instead of showing the pics.

    You have a valid viewpoint here; why would you want to [DELETED] people off so they associate their anger with your topic?

  2. Murray says:

    Troy are you one of those revisonists who claim that 9/11 was a result of the invasion of Iraq?

    I wrote this post as a result of people looking for free plans.

    You remind me of someone who talks without finding out what hes talking about. As it is I’ve collected hundreds of hits off people looking for plans and NOT ONE of them has ever asked about the possibilty of paying for my plans.

    So consequently they’re no use to me and are just looking for a free ride. I comfortable with them associating me bing angry if they’re trying to get a freebee off my hard work. If they want to get pissed off and not come back THATS THE IDEA!

  3. ac903 says:

    Well, I appreciate your work. Nobody else has free ballista plans, and you shouldn’t have to. How many of those people are going to build it?!! Get off, Troy!

  4. Sareon says:

    Hey, thnaks, i acctually need the plans for a latin project at my HS, i really appriciate it more than you know….. i have been searching for plans for weeks, and you are the first one not asking me to pay for them, thanks a bunch 😀

  5. Troy Stallard says:

    I don’t really care whether you have free plans or not. But when I google “free trebuchet plans” and your site comes up high on the list it’s slightly, shall we say, disconcerting to be greeted with an obnoxious slap in the face when I get there.

    I guarantee that if you take the words “free trebuchet plans” off your site, you’ll get fewer people looking for them.

    You may call looking for free plans “looking for a ride.” I call it simply common sense; check out as much available information as possible before designing and building my own. I also went to sites with plans for sale, and I either paid the price or left; I didn’t ask them to give me their product free.

    If you want plans for the one I went ahead and built, you can [DELETED – Ed – No thanks] Anyone else is welcome to a free copy as soon as I’ve cleaned them up so they’re understandable; I don’t make my living building trebuchets and have no trade secrets. As a matter of fact, I enjoy sharing what I know with fellow enthusiasts. I’ll also share what I know about Russian army rifles, rabbit hounds, Jeeping, or anything else I do for fun.

  6. bitchslapper says:

    [DELETED] this id rather rub my harry balls

  7. Murray says:

    Well I’m sure we’d all rather you went and rubbed Harry’s balls as this isn’t your gay porn site that you seem to have been looking for.

    Hey heard about this exciting shift key thing? Those of us that use ENGLISH find it really handy. But it’s not for everyone, if your parents are siblings you can just skip it.

  8. ac903 says:

    I think that this is getting a little cold. How about this. If you have something constructive, say it, be my guess. If not, leave it off until you think of something. That means you, bitchslapper on November 4th, 2006 at 9:52 am. And stop pulling such hours. 10:56 pm, Alisa?

  9. ac903 says:

    Guest, not guess. Woops. And Alisa? Say something constructive.

  10. David says:

    Ok look the plans are great and id love paying for them But… But im a 13 year old kid who just needs them to do a school project. So what then Im sure as hell not going to pay for them

  11. Murray says:

    David since you’re a student here’s your very special deal.

    Write me 500 words on the subject of why intellectual property laws exist and why it is important that they be both respected and enforced. Post in the comments.

    I’ll have it graded and if you pass I’ll send you a draft copy of the trebuchet plans for your own non-commercial use.

    This lesson of supply and demand is yours pro bono. Another free bit of advice is stay away from names like “Black dragon”, you’ll end up having an accident with a video being on when you don’t expect it and wind up being another jedi boy. That kid is going to be in therapy until he’s 40.

    Since you’re 13 you shouldn’t be reading this site anyway, you’ll only learn some very rude words and how to spell them in English rather than “American”. You should visit Ron Toms and spring for one of his plans or even kits. His stuff is excellent and you can be assured of producing a good project as long as you don’t use it to storm the teachers lounge at lunch time. Try one of the desk top models or something.

    And Ron, as one middle aged podgy bloke to another, don’t send me any more exercise equipment promos dude. I got palpitations just looking at those things!

    And finally the next person who comes to my site and tells me I should be giving my work away will get this post pulled because I’m sick of whingers. My house my rules, deal with it.

    Remember, today is a good day to fling.

  12. David... but a different one! says:

    So… I dun even know how well this’ll work, I dun even know if it WILL work, but how much you want for a copy of those plans? I’ve got a school project to, so… yeah…

  13. Murray says:

    Are you looking for ballista or trebuchet plans David?

  14. David... but a different one! says:

    Either’ll work, I’ve just been elected by a teacher and a few friends to find some plans, and I’m willing to pay, just (hopefully) not too much… We’re gonna build a trebuchet or ballista, so either one.

  15. Bruce says:

    I would have to agree with Troy. Why would you mark the title free plans when you were just being sarcastic? It really [DELETED] with search engines and wasted my time. Even though I am wasting my time writing this, it is an attempt to get you to change the title so no one else has to waste their time.

  16. Murray says:

    Hey Bruce whats that picture there?

    Help me out because it looks a lot like BALLISTA PLANS to me.

    Are you now going to bitch and whine about the plans themselves and that I haven’t done enough for you to be able to get a free ride?

    Is there some kind of legislation that regulates what the hell I’m permitted to write now in relation to how it effects search engines? Time line fact, I was getting hit by people looking for free plans, this post is REACTION to this not the CAUSE of people coming here. Do try to read what a bit about what you’re waffling about before pressing the button.

    Title says free plans, right under it are plans – no charge. Whats your damn problem?

    Maybe you and Troy should get a chat room and hold hands there, you’re on my dime here.

  17. Alisa says:

    By now this thread really should go under the un-[DELETED]-believable category, Murray.

    Bruce/Troy/Whatever: why don’t you instead go to Google to bitch air your frustration with the way they interpret other people’s posts? And, AC903: I am sure you are a perfectly nice guy/gal, but please don’t come to our site and tell us what to say, constructive or otherwise. Thank you so much for your attention.

  18. Joe says:

    I’m trying to find plans for a table-top ballista, I’m willing to pay as long as it’s not too much. I need it for a Physics project.

  19. Murray says:

    Are you looking specifically for a ballista or will a trebuchet or mangonel do the job.

    I think I know where there’s a couple of free table top plans for those but not a ballista. Also a couple of kits that are not too expensive ($30).

  20. Joe says:

    I would prefer a ballista, but a trebuchet will work. And I cant use kits

  21. Joe says:

    what exactly is a mangonel?

  22. EngrishFirst says:

    First, thank you for the lovely plans on the ballista.
    Secondly, I am having some difficulty in reading the plans. In fact I am not entirely sure what they are supposed to be of. I can only guess that it is for a ballista. Could you please post a larger and clearer version.
    Third, you are some great guy willing to give ballista plans out for free!!

  23. jack says:

    This sucks you are a stuckup bastard

  24. jack says:

    youre a dumb stupid [DELETED] idiot

    [ED this comments was traced back to MENSA]

  25. Del says:

    It is a shame that people get so upset about this matter. Many children nowadays in middle schools have to find out about seige machines such as these. If you were to charge a nominal fee for schools and make it impossible for ohters to get your plans without paying the full fee (e.g. through PayPal), your problem might well be solved.

  26. amandada says:

    from what i’ve read bitchslappers name suits him. And i’m like the david peoples, i’m just a 13 year old doing a history project. any hints where to get 1?

  27. amandada says:

    a ballista plan that is

  28. Murray says:

    Joe a mangonel is a Roman catapult aka Onager which has a single upright throwing arm and is a torsion machine.

    EngrishFirst I think my point may have eluded you, I’m not giving them away, particularly those ones which are engineering schematics for full sized parts.

    Amandadadada, sent you an email.

    BTW you’re much too young to be reading comments like that. At least in the world that I choose to believe in you’re too young.

  29. bob says:

    just please make them full size!!!!

  30. The freeloaders are welcome to try something else- visit a library and do their own design from pictures in books.


  31. Murray says:

    You mean do what I did?

    But thats too much like hard work.

  32. krm says:

    ac903 seems to be challenged on a number of fronts: comprehension of the concept of time zones is one, thinking he can dictate to Alisa would be another.

  33. exocet says:

    Good for you Murray, you are perfectly entitled to recieve fair payment for your work.

    And as for the freeloaders – harden the fuck up.

  34. Techography says:

    Busy Busy Busy

    Behind the scene’s around here has been some going’s on that I have forgotten too mention.

    For one my buddy and friend KDwill is driving from North Carolina to the Spite Family Mountain Retreat. It took some wheelin and dealin but I got hima job i…

  35. Fjord says:

    From reading your comments i have realised you hate freeloaders quite alot.
    But i’ll still go ahead with my badly worded plea;
    Would you guys be able to send me a plan for building a simple projectile seige weapon?

    Email address :


  36. What about the plans for a large wooden rabbit?

  37. Gadfly says:

    Send me the plans! You big stingy bastard!


  38. llew says:

    A scale replica of THE Trojan Rabbit.

    Have a look at the (Slane?) cartoon in this week’s Listener. The political page.

  39. This weekend, I meet a chap interested in BUYING plans. He would also be willing to trade large pieces of wood.

    There is lots of interest at the club in watching machinery fling stuff!

  40. And today I discovered that it’s impossible to pour a pint AND hold onto a phone!

  41. EngrishFirst says:

    Okay, here’s the issue. I would love to purchase plans for the ballista and a quality trebechet. The problem, the funds needed to purchase plans are needed elsewhere. So, I am asking that you be kind enough to provide these plans free of charge and oh, consult in person the construction of these marvelous weapons. We are in the process of bringing the empire back from the dead and we want to take back Constantinople, not istanbul, and we require the funds to recruit and train the legions needed for war. Isn’t this excuse better than a school project – wink, wink.

  42. EngrishFirst says:

    Sorry, for the Trebuchet misspell. It is so difficult to plan an invasion, recruit an army, build weapons, ships and armor not to mention doing this and more without some type of secretary.

  43. Fjord says:

    ….Who on earth is Professor Spooner ?

  44. llew says:

    The Reverand William Archibald Spooner

  45. Murray says:

    Ok Engrish here’s what I’ll do, when you invest Constaninopolis send me the airfare and I’ll come and give you siege engineering advice gratis.

    Mugger be Fjord did we sleep through school or just eat other peoples lunches?

  46. EngrishFirst says:

    You become an auxillary and thus you must equip and manage yourself or if you have latin roots then some form of ranking officer could be handed out. I would try the rabbit but past history suggests failure.

  47. BattleAxe says:

    I’m looking for free apple turnover plans. Do you have those? If not I hate you and anyone else who reads this!!!!

  48. Murray says:

    1. Pick up apple.
    2. Rotate 180 degrees through horizontal plane.
    3. Place apple down again.

    No charge.

  49. Ken J says:


    my son is looking for plans for a build in his wood shop course. Althought they are not required to submit plans, and their are no restrictions on being origional, I thought this would be a great idea. We had built a very crude trebuchet for an earlier school project that did function sporatically, but now looking for something with some pazzaz and style.
    We think a ballista would be it. We have some pics and possible drawings, bvut are worried that without some plan basics it will fail miserably. Looking for table top size but are willing to scale down from what ever we can find.


  50. Colby Ross says:

    Hi, i am desperate, i need mangonel or ballista plans sent to me so that i can build it for a social studies project. I need it by 4/18/07. It would be really nice. My e-mail address is, please, i need it, thank you.

  51. garrett says:

    i am building a ballista in school and i was wondering what wood is best for the arms also on the plans above how far can it shoot?

  52. Murray says:

    The type of wood isn’t all that important. I only have real cheap fast grown pine thats too useless to send overseas.

    What you need to find a good piece of timber. Get something with a good long grain and no knots.

    When you go to get your wood tell the guy what you’re using it for and what length you need for the arm and he’ll be able to help you.

    If you follow the link to and look at Tiny thats a throwing arm made from cheap framing pine bolted together. It works very well and has never shown any sign of stress.

    For high impact catapults like the manganol and ballista I use Australian gum thats still a bit green and turn it. Like all Aussies it’s thick and likes crashing into things.

  53. teddy says:

    You son of a bitch ill fuckin end you i hate people that do this shit, im tryin to build a fuckin catapult for my fuckin 5th grade sience project and you give me this tiny piece of shit oh you will pay motherfucker you will pay. im going to tell my drunkin father about you and my fuckin cousin will rip your fuckin nuts off and feed them to you. o yeah and go fuck yourself you fuckin dick headed bitch ass motherfuckin cum guzzler!!!!!!

  54. […] in at number 3: The post that just wont dieand freeloader favorite – Free Ballista Plans! – Revisited. At least we seem to have stopped getting comments from morally outraged 12 year olds who seem to […]

  55. Teddy needs to learn to like the 5th grade. He will be there for a while…

  56. Murray says:

    Teddy is “special” and he and Ralph Wiggen may have already spent a bit of time in the 5th grade.

  57. […] Free Ballista Plans! – Revisited., 6,378 views Which in itself is more hits than a lot of sites get. […]

  58. Nathan says:


    In the information that you provided you state the people who are trying to build a ballista for school can have a copy of these. I am currently trying to find plans for building a ballista, for ancient civilizations project, and have found nothing. Any help that you could give me would be aprreciated.

  59. Dave says:

    Hey, I was chosen to build a ballista for my World History class. I don’t really have the budget to buy kits or plans. Is there any way you would be willing to send me some plans. It doesn’t need to be very big, tabletop size maybe? I understand if you don’t but it would be a big help if you did.

  60. Dave says:

    I would use the free ony up at the top but I can’t read it. I can see that it’s ballist but thats it…Can’t see the measurements or how it goes together.

  61. David T. says:

    If I was to make a ballista out of constuction lumber do you think that the arms would break. If you are still giving plans for students I am making a ballista for extracredit in my history class and would like some plans. If not that’s alright.

  62. John says:

    Hello , i too am doing an extr credit project for history class and i was wondering if you were still willing to share your plans with me. Any help from you would greatly be appreciated. Thnk you.

  63. gabe says:

    I like waffles

  64. legolas says:

    geez man dont piss all over ur pants cause people ask for free plans some people dont have the money to pay for nice awesome plans that u fat rich people get will sitting around telling people wut to do

    Ed: Sonny piss of back to school. Your time here is up. BTW I’m a university student on an allowence that works out to about $120US/week. Not sure what you’re idea of “rich” is but it aint the same as mine.

    BTW I note from your ip address that you have now downloaded a free set of trebuchet plans. This is the point at which you just saw thank you or nothing. You are now banned from commenting on this site.

    Note to all readers: See if you can spot the subtle difference between the people who we sent a copy of ballista plans for free and those that weren’t. The people you meat on line are real too.

  65. legolas says:

    Comment deleted, author banned.

  66. Cbowers says:

    Hey Murray,

    I have a woodworking class for my senior year of high school. I already have plans for a magonel but i have not seen a decent plan for a ballista until I saw the tiny pic that you have at the top. I also wish to make this because I am an avid LARPer who plays Amtgard on the weekends. Would you be so kind to send me some ballista plans that would work well in a LARP (live action role-play) event?

    Thank you for your time,

    A.K.A. Magnus Heartseeker

  67. Cbowers says:

    Found out the plans of the mangonel are for a much smaller scale model and won’t work in a larger design. (involved rubber bands) If i could get a mongonel design too that would be great 😀

  68. Murray says:

    Jeeze you want fries with that?

  69. Sam Dodge says:

    I tried to Email this to you, but to no avail, so I am posting it here.

    Hey, I’m one of those freeloading kids looking for plans, but I happen to be 15. My class is participating in the National History Day competition. The theme is the “Individual in History”. I am doing a segment on Siege weapons, and how they affected each person impact on the battle. My teacher said, “No trebuchets or catapults, they are middle school projects.” I did not fancy having a siege tower or battering ram as my project, frankly, because they are boring and stand no chance of winning. This left me with the ballista. I have found many plans, but they all amount to a bow nailed to a peice of wood. I wanted to do torsion if I was going to do anything at all. I know ou are in this to make money, I do know life doesn’t come free, but I would really appreciate it if you could provide me with plans simple enough to “do in my garage”. They don’t even have to be our plans. If you have links to someone else who would give ballista plans for free, I would be glad to go there instead. It basically boils down to: 1). I need ballista plans 2). I have no money.

    I would of course give you full credit for the plans, and in no way claim to have designed them myself.

  70. Xonoa says:

    I do agree with the people that say that having your site name be free ballista plans and not have anything larger than a flashcard posted is kind of a wast of peoples time. I also agree that you do need to make a profit on your work. I’m looking for a ballista plan that with launch tennis ball sized projectiles a goood ditance.

  71. mike says:

    Hello, I’d like to buy a set of plans for a desktop ballista. Paying is no issue as I/we have found out, there is a bit of engineering and research involved. My son is 13 and needs to produce a siege engine for a project in school. We are fine with the trebuchet, and built one last summer from the pics online. Its fires well and is considerably accurate. And yes, we used the free ones. The issue is, the treb is popular, and was used last year by my other son. So, we want to do something different, and produce another model that can be displayed after it serves its purpose.

  72. andrew says:

    good god people google ballista or trebuchet and find a picture of one they really arent that complex. it may not be an exact 1:1 replica of the one in the picture but as long as you use the same design as the one in the picture it will work.

  73. Murray says:

    Some people pretty much want it all done for them Andrew.

    Think of this as a filter system for me to find out who is prepared to go the distance. So far I’ve given away about twenty sets of tennis ball ballista plans and oddly none of those were to people who wer abusive.

    Go figure.

    By the way I don’t think you should take Andrews advice. the ballista is actually a very technical machine and you should try something simpler first to get an understanding of what you’re doing. This is just my advice which comes from building museum quality machines for several years. You are free to exercise you medical coverage in whatever manner you see fit… for the moment anyway.

  74. andrew says:

    ballistas have proven to be difficult to build from the pictures as that was my intention today when i found this sight and i haven’t finished one yet. also i agree with you 100% if you make the plans as a business then you shouldn’t give them away for free especially not to ass holes that just want to bitch their way through life and get everything for free.

  75. Murray says:

    More than a business Andrew, its my thesis.

  76. mike says:

    Hey guys, me again. I want to say first, that I really appreciate the drawings of the tennis ball ballista for the kid. They do shine a little light, however, after talking to the kid, doing a ton of research, and considering the minimum investment, we have opted for a scaled down version of the real deal. I’ve done quite a bit of searching, and tried to scale up a set of drawings myself, but the more I educate myself on this subject, the more paranoid I become. I dont necessarily agree with the comment, they are simple, I find them to be rather fascinating and somewhat complex. We have located a calculator/chart for sizing, found a thousand pics, realized we need to employ a machine shop for some bits/pcs, located some rough sawn timber, and now just need a little direction. Murray, if you have a set of working drawings, please sell us a set. I fully understand your torment with some of this- I am a carpenter by trade. Sure, I can half ass scale some drawings up, blow a few hundred dollars on incorrect pieces, and watch it spit a stick a few feet across the yard. Its just not going to do it for us. We want to replicate a miniature ( less than 6′ long) working ballista, or scorpion, argue that in another post, which actually fires, and will be a proud conversation piece for our game room after completing the project. What’ya say Murray, are we worthy??

  77. Devo says:

    hey my name is Devon, I’m a college student doing building a Trebuchet for a class, i was just wondering a few things about making the slings and such like how long the lines have to be…. i’m building a trebuchet that is approximately seven feet to the end of the throwing arm to the ground, any suggestions of what to make my sling out of? i want to throw apples or baseballs or tennis balls for that matter, what ever i can get my hands on. I appreciate it.

  78. Murray says:

    Hi Devon, if you’re throwing balls then it doesn;t need to be too strong. Use pretty much any material that isn’t strechy to make the sling itself. There is a pattern for tennis ball sized pouches in my small trebuchet plan if you need one.

    Click to access free-tiny.pdf

    I can’t help you with your measurments because from the tip of the throwing arm to ground is kind of vague. How far off the ground is the axle point and at what ration is it on the arm itself etc. the simplest way is to tell me what the overall length of the arm is and then i’ll give you a number back that is half that which would be your sling length when doubled over.

    This will get you a near to optimum results assuming you have set your axle point at 80% of the arm length.

    Simple really when you know the numbers.

  79. Murray says:

    Mike I’m digging out a table top ballista plan for you that is a good little indoor toy. You should be able to sort out something from that which will do what you need. It may take me a couple of days because I’m in the middle of exams right now.

    • mike says:

      Hey thanks, Murray. We went ahead and took the plunge. Im ass deep in roughing the thing in. Many more complex cuts than expected, all together we are about 7′ long. I’ll throw up a pic or two if not intruding. LOOKS cool either way. Much confusion over rope selection and where to get the machining done. Any suggestions/opinions greatly appreciated. We’re thinking about making some concrete balls in a home made form about the size of a baseball, maybe a softball, we have to see what kind of energy we can generate. Also the fletching on the spears seems to be a little trick we have not mastered as of yet. Our holes are 3 1/2” inside diameter and our throwing arms are 30” long. We cant wait to shoot this thing!!

  80. Max says:

    Hi, i am doing a trajectory project for the science olympiad,(National science fair) i need some basic designs, just some measurements on a couple of the parts, and some advice on my project… i am willing to pay


  81. Chip says:

    Ha you caved. Nice plans, would have helped me when I was building mine:

  82. Murray says:

    To the person who identifies himself only as “k”. Would you like to rephrase your outburst?

  83. joel says:

    hey murray !
    would love to buy a set of plan for a ballista fron you …BUT how do I do that ?
    please contact me at and let me know how !
    thank you !

  84. zekybomb says:

    does any one realise that this thread has been going on for 5 YEARS, no? well glad i said it.

  85. Scipio says:

    You guys can piss me off. Stop talking uselessly so us students can get our work done without having to listen to some whiners. Thank you a bunch, i and crazy into Roman and Greek history, and this has really helped my project.

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