BYO Castle Argghhh!

This is a mock up of the mock up castle thats going to be on the receiving end of some attention at the WMD Fling weekend.


Due to having received  a substantial donation – which I didn’t know about because my alert email from Paypal seems to have stopped off for a couple of drinks and a chicken lunch on the way here and no one actually mentioned it to me – the large trebuchet is due to being construction in two weeks time.

BTW you might like to answer your phone there John.

Anyway you to can build your own Castle Argghhh! with the pdf file below. Don’t get too excited I just pdf’d the drawing file I used for the parts so there’s no instructions.


If anyone else does feel an urge to throw some money in the direction of sponsoring medieval siege engines, the event advertising, the transportation of several engines from around the country, the fire wood for the reenactors, the materials for the targets and stocks, the clean up cost, the production of a large number of cast cement balls and all the honking big arrows, food for the reenactors, payment for the reenactors, petrol money for the reenactors, prize money for the reenactors,  counciling for the reenactors, freaken accountants fees for the reenactors by all means go nuts!

You know raising and army, assembling siege engines and investing a castle – even a small plywood one – is bloody expensive and I was too slow to get a government “research grant”.

Just send a paypal donation to my email address. For any donation over $10 I’ll send you are copy of my table top mangonel or ballista plans. So please include a delivery address and which plans you’d like when you put the donation through.


10 Responses to BYO Castle Argghhh!

  1. So the plan is to fire a test round from Chucky, figure out where it lands, and then put the castle there so you can hit it again, right?

    Just how much range control do you have? Assuming you don’t want to adjust the weight of your ammunition? I guess you could unwind the spring rope, and you can to some extent control how far you pull the arm down, but aren’t there pretty severe limits? (If the arm doesn’t go down far enough, the sling won’t fling, right?)

  2. Murray says:

    Actually the site for the castle has already been identified, a slight mound to one side of the rifle range will act the base for the castle.

    Range on mangonels is controlled by three things – the length of the sling for course ranging, the weight of the missile, also for course ranging and the number of ratchet turns for fine tuning.

    The sling will actually work regardless of how far up the arm starts and I’ve seen many operators dig holes for the sling to get maximum torsion.

  3. I assume you’re not going to bring a wide variety of different weights of ammo, so that one’s not an option. Of course, you do have one more coarse control, and that’s to move the mangonel to change the range. (Not a problem since there won’t be archers on the castle wall shooting at you.)

  4. Murray says:

    Well moving on the range isn’t really an option. The firing line is set and you can’t move forward of it for safety reasons. The chosen option is use different slings. I’ve made them with toggles and screw eyes so it’s very quick to change them.

    Also the castle is pretty much a bag target so it wont be too hard to hit… I hope.

  5. What’s your ammo? Cast aluminum balls? (That’s what you mentioned one time.)

  6. Murray says:

    I’ll be using cement for the long range stuff and cast aluminium for the attack on the castle.

  7. george says:

    What’s wrong with using dead possums as projectiles? The weights will vary enough to challenge the gun layer and the’re not as politically incorrect as live dwarfs. For a spiced up version the castle walls could be covered with velcro and the possums have a number on them to identify the crew that fired for effect

    You might get some kudos from te greens seeing how the furry buggers are enemies of the people because of their diet of native trees.

    Don’t know if you could stand a hug from Septic Sue or Earth Mother Jeanette though

  8. Snerk. You need to call when we’re *home* Murray. The whole time zone thing is kicking yer butt.

  9. Murray says:

    You need to be home when I *call* John.

    How dare you have a life and go out in the evenings!

  10. Actually, last week I was off presenting a paper I just had published . Shoulda called the hotel.

    I’m no Den Beste, but I do okay! /shameless pander.

    No, you can’t read it. Yer a furriner. Oh, wait, it’s unclas, yer just a tanker and wouldn’t *understand* it.

    Too many multi-phonic polysyllabic verbal constructions, as we Gunners are prone to vomit forth when scribing our thoughts for the benefits of the great unwashed.

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