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  1. Maggie says:

    Wow. I am so unobservant. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

  2. sad indictment on british breeding stocks. 3 from 15 looking contrite and embarrassed. Of course they may be playing the; we (pretended) resisted angle for the media agent

  3. scrubone says:

    Hm, interesting pic.

  4. Maggie says:

    Hey, what do you think of this photo from the BBC?

    Your Spartans are almost completely edited out.

  5. Murray says:

    Yes word had reached me that the Al Beeb had indulged in some editorial propaganda which is why I went looking for what they didn’t want us to see.

    It is a cornerstone of western civilisation that a few strong protect the many weak by standing against the odds. Be it a million Persians or a captivity in violation of international law that the lefties love so much to quote in favor of terrorists but forget when its our own.

    Even if its the morally weak that get protected.

  6. Would they be the three ranking troops that are going to made the scapegoats for the incident?

  7. Mark says:

    There is at least one in the back left with his hands in his pockets, not even looking at the camera.

    I only count six hands waving out of the 15.

    While some are smiling it may have more to do with the fact they are happy to be going home.

  8. andrei says:

    And they are allowed to sell their “stories” to the press.

    No prizes for guessing whose story is worth the most.

    What ever happened to “Rule Britannia”?

  9. Angry enough to retype this from a post I put over on the site of KG..

    Bet they run a fucking programme or ten on the 14 chocolate soldiers and the frumpy muppet who just disgraced a thousand years of English military history. Suckholes.

  10. Maggie says:

    Oswald, that hadn’t occurred to to me and you may well be right…..but, WOW! That’s cynical.

  11. […] wishing to bury the utter humiliation of the kidnapping/surrender of a bunch of British Military personnel the MOD has not allowed them […]

  12. dave t says:

    I put this on the Baised BBC site:

    Nipping to the sailors’ story – a fortnight ago a 19 year old female medic was awarded the Military Cross the first female and a TEENAGER to boot. This week 20 year old Arthur Batchelor screams for Mummy Faye who protects him, fears being raped by dirty Iranians and when he returns is shown clutching Mummy’s AND Auntie’s hand and looking about 12. He is also pocketing oddles of cash for his story. Bet the 19 year old MC winner doesn’t appear on Trevor MacDonald’s show any time soon nor will the BBC do a documentary on her despite her being a symbol of the gender etc equality they scream about.


    Stories about Faye’s previous boyfriends from Shrewsbury and her activities at School (Meole Brace which she attended with my daughter) will start popping up in the News of the World. She will demand that she is not sent back to Iraq but left at home with her daughter. She will also face questions regarding her level of fitness as she appears to have not exercised for eons. She will then buy herself out of the Navy and produce an autobiography.

    Bachelor will be slagged off by his mates on board if he does go back and scream bullying demanding more money before being kicked out.

    The Commodore who screwed up will be rewarded and then pushed sideways. (He has already handed over command of the Task Force).

    There will be regular fights between Yanks and Brits for years to come as a result of the ridiculous stories and comments in many military blogs over there.

    The British Forces will continue to struggle to convince people they (a) are being lead by good officers and (b) have people in them who ARE prepared to die for their country as I and many others were.

    The BBC will continue to undermine every good thing the Forces do.

    We know there are many good and decent people serving – all their efforts have now been blown to pieces by the disgusting lack of shame shown by some of these grasping sailors, their useless officers and the government.

    http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/For…/ start=270.html

    More discussion by serving and retired Forces about the sailors. Did you know wee Batchelor the boy sailor is whining because the Iranians took his Ipod? Since when did you carry Ipods on operations such as boarding parties! My Jocks would have loved to listen to Ipods whilst patrolling – but how quickly we would have been dead.

    The more info comes out the more some of these these people are being shown to be very poor examples of a fine Navy. However all is not lost as:


    A contact in Kiwiland has a good photo. 300 plus 3 and how right he is. So how come we aren’t seeing THIS picture of sailors NOT co-operating with the Iranians?

  13. andrei says:

    Don’t the Brits have any sense of shame?


  14. Maggie says:

    Andrei – I threw up a little when I read that. They have to have doctored his statements somehow, cause I can’t beleive the person making this comments isn’t in a *special home*. That can’t be a member of anyone’s military! He is the antithesis of “Spartan”.

  15. Murray says:

    When was the last time the podgey slapper ran an RFL anyway? She should be current if shes in a deployment zone collecting all the extra pay that comes with it.

  16. garypowell says:

    In the Socialist propagander world of the BBC nothing can be trusted still less is the truth or was ever intended to be. A central tactic of revolutionary or
    ‘democratic ‘socialism is to undermine or if possible rewrite past history. Even obvious known lies from the states broadcaster have the effect of destroying the peoples faith in the institutions of the country, the BBC being the most influential one of all. This is done not to help enemies of our country but simply to destroy ALL conservative thinking and attitudes that still survive in 21st centuary Europe. Thus leaving the people open to even more permanent socialist state controlled change in the future.

    The ending of the BBC ASAP is essential to the future prosperity and freedom of the British people.

    Our only hope is that international socialism and its cousin national socialism with its Islamic fascist shocktroops world wide propergander machine could be almost completely closed down at the stroke of a Conservative PMs pen. Saving our democracy, the western world, and £3 billion at the same time. And not a single dead British soldier or Israeli child in site.

    The only question in my mind is . Should the impoverished British tax payer honour BBC employees pensions?

    In my opinion, as the BBC has been deliberately stayed stum for ten years concerning their favourite bum chum socialist con man Gordon Brown determination to destroy the private pensions industry. They can get a job cleaning toilets at Mc Donalds when they get to 67, like many of the rest of us will now have to. That is, IF Mc Donalds think they are up to the job, which is a very big IF.

  17. I’m sorry, Murray, but I hardly think that pulling a poker face while standing around in bad Iranian suits is worthy of being classed with the 300.

    Especially when there’s this:

    One of the hostages, Dean Harris, 30, an acting sergeant in the Royal Marines, told a Sunday Times reporter yesterday: “I want £70,000. That is based on what the others have told me they have been offered. I know Faye has been offered a heck more than that. I am worth it because I was one of only two who didn’t crack. (Emphasis added.)

    Note that the MoD has backtracked on their decision to allow them to sell their stories to the press.

  18. Jeff says:

    andrei Says:
    April 10th, 2007 at 9:02 am

    Don’t the Brits have any sense of shame?

    Well, some of us do, but need a bit of support to get the politicians out. The other party is just the same, so voting for them will make no difference.

    Alternatively, how can I get out. Down under would do me fine. Anyone got a spare work permit I can borrow?

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