Anyone got a video camera?

The current sponsorship balance for the WMD Fling is standing at a big fat -$1,500 due to the total lack of support from Wairarapa busnisesses – thanks guys, you’re on my list.

However the Carterton Mayor, Gary McPhee has been very helpful with some advertising and refuse removal. I’ve also been offered some free editing and narration for a video so if anyone has an interest in showing up and filming everything that moves or has a camera they’re brave enough to loan out please let me know.

There’s also a pressing need for framing timber and ply sheets.

On the up side I get to have an interesting chat with an insurance agent about getting public liability insurance for medieval siege weapons. I’m just more interesting than most people I guess.

Did I mention the cannon that may be coming?

Might need some cabbages as well. Something about them being the best incendiary
munition… I may have said too much.


3 Responses to Anyone got a video camera?

  1. Gadfly says:

    All right!

    Would you do a “lost wax” pour for a bronze cannon?

  2. Murray says:

    I think lathe from stock is the popular option these days but if I find some plans I might look into it.

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