Chronic revealed.

May 25, 2007

Until one village parted with its idiot New Zealand had to get by without the sage advice of this Crusading Caledonian for Communism. Now we have this accented tool telling us everything from why we need MORE personal tax to why Communism is the light! Of course although he has his own site no one reads it so he spends his entire day – at his employers expense – hijacking others peoples sites with his inane party line drivel. Our very own auto-ranting commiebot. Well actually not our own, he’s a bloody foreigner.

Here he is, Chronic and his sidekick Mr McFluffy as they seek to rid the world of evil things like personal freedom, low taxes, democracy and rational debate.


Ye cannae change the laws of socialism Captain! 

Read more of his exploits along with the other sycophantic leftist trolls that roam free on Farrars site as they defend historys worst mass murders and seek to prove that capitalism is in fact the root of all evil… because they say so!

Which is why the commies all build fences, to keep us OUT. There’s a tui ad.

What a dickhead.

Friday Night Free For All

May 25, 2007

On tonight at NZ Conservative where Lucyna is laying on the pizza.

Wanted urgently.

May 24, 2007

I need 6 sailors to carry a coffin at 10am tomorrow in Auckland.

The Navy fell on its arse, the RSA fell on its arse, the Ex Royal Navalmens Association’s number is not in service.

So now its up the the sailors themselves to prove to me that you’re not as utterly bloody hopeless as us Army people see you to be. So far you “quiet professionals” look a lot more quiet than professional.

If you lot can’t get six men to carry this guy then you’re pretty much not worth wearing a uniform as far as I’m concerned and the Navy has changed a lot since I was christened in front of the Battle Honors plate of HMS New Zealand. I’d do it myself but my beret is green not black.

But thats just me.

Insulted sailors who want to prove me wrong can contact me here.

UPDATE: Navy failed.

That is all.

Thought for the day.

May 24, 2007

If this man cassius-clay.jpg is called “Muhammad Ali” and this man cat-stevens.jpg is called “Yusuf Islam” why is Muhammad Dawood referred to as “David Hicks”?

Its just a question.

Green Peas destroys the planet to save it!

May 24, 2007

With their usual massive grasp of reality and huge blind spot for irony Green Peas, the answer the question nobody asked and self appointed Jiminy Cricket to the masses have decided to show us the way.

In what they tell us will “send a clear message” they have decided to help global warming – by killing trees![crowd cheers]*

With these dead tree they will build an ARK!! [insert dramatic chords]*

Well yes it does send a clear message, the message being; you’re a load of useless bloody loonies. One can only assume they’re naming it Ark II or “B” more aptly.

Golgafrincham B in fact.

“I burnt the village as an example my lord”

“An example of what… your STUIPITY???”

Nice work guys, keep cutting down the trees I’m sure it will help inflation or something.

Apparently the secret is to “bang the rocks together” there greenies.

*Production notes included to streamline plagiarism process for SNN


May 24, 2007

About 1,000 white feathers for a project that two other people have already managed to screw up on in the last two months and needs to be finished in two weeks so its finally been put in front of the person who should have had it from the start. Me. No pressure.

If you happen to have a pile of goose or duck feathers we could really use a hand here.

Money is being offered in exchange.

Let me know.

UPDATE: Feathers have been sorted thanks to the nice people at Te Hua Farm. To end speculation they are not for arrow flights its for someone else working on a costume. There may be pictures later.


May 22, 2007


My plausible deniability may not be as solid as it could be.

Bruce Ginders

May 22, 2007

Bruce Ginders joined the Royal Navy from New Zealand in 1939. He joined his first and only ship, HMS Exeter in Singapore. Exeter was still in damaged condition from the Battle of the River Plate when in company with HMS Ajax & HMNZS Achilles they damaged and forced the retreat and subsequent scuttling of the German pocket battle ship Graf Spee.

In February 1942 HMS Exeter in company with a force of American, Dutch, Australian and other British ships (ABDACOM) under Dutch Admiral Karel Willem Frederik Marie Doorman engaged Japanese Imperial naval forces in the protracted and disastrous Battle of the Java Sea.

Badly damaged with all three main turrets destroyed the Exeter attempted to escape with the destroyer HMS Electra sunk while covering the withdrawal. On the 1st of March Exeter was overtaken by a Japanese cruiser force and around midday went down after being struck by gunfire and at least one torpedo.




Bruce was one of the roughly 100 of the crew who survived the sinking and subsequent captivity by the Japanese. He spent the remainder of the war in in an unregistered camp on the island of Celebes. He never spoke of this period.

Yesterday Bruce died in hospital among members of his family. Four of his Exeter crewmates survive (full crew list here). Bruce will be laid to rest under a New Zealand Ensign on Friday in Auckland.





Bruce Ginders Ord Sig RN

24th Jan 1920 – 21st May 2007

Castle Argghhh mocks us.

May 21, 2007

WMD has been declared a success.

But as to the castle, well the little bastard just sat there and due to budget issues pretty much got missed by mere inches aside from a couple of holes from the arbalest – the most devastating being my own shot that pinged a tower corner and blew a chunk off one panel.

The rock throwers had a frustrating time because without the money/time to produce some cast cement balls the ammo was whatever we picked up, Everyone managed to get their MPI right on the target but the scatter was just enough to ensure the castle lived to get smashed another day.

That day being Sunday 16th of December when take that little bastard out! Castle Argghhh will be somewhat larger by then with the addition of two more towers and wall sections and a Norman keep behind them. Yeah thats right, you can’t run or hide.

Yes WMD 2 is already taking shape and this time its no more Mr Freebe. We’ll have money, we’ll have more machines and most importantly, we’ll have the BALLS for the job.

To this end you can get your T’s and stuff here and send vast wads of cash to me while I try to survive the financial ramifications of having just funded this effort out of my own pocket and having $400 stolen to round the weekend off.


On another note if you want to buy Gnome Homes please do it directly through me rather than use the website as I no longer supply the people that run it.

There will be pictures up at some stage and the video is being worked on as we speak. Meanwhile Oswald has some pics at his place

Friday Night Free For All

May 18, 2007

I’ll be out at the range organising the early arrivals but you know the drill.

Weather perfect for serious weekend flinging.  Be there or remain unflung!