Eat at Subway – just not the Geroge St, Dunedin one.

Seriously do not use them. In fact if you live in Dunedin stop by and tell the manager he can cram his fresh made sandwich up his muscular backside thanks very much!

Yes thats right its boycott time.

Time for the masses to rebel against the oppressive capitalist bastards who control our lives comrades! Don’t panic I have gone all leftie on you, I still bath.

However when an employer abuses their power they deserve to get taken down and this outfit deserves to get an ass kicking for this…

Jackie Lange, a now former full time employee of Subway who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome poured herself a drink during a break – which she is permitted to do by Subway – but shared it with a friend – which she isn’t allowed to do.

So two weeks later the management called her to a meeting – and terminated her. EEEEEEGHHH Fault subway.

You may not hold a disciplinary meeting with a staff member without advising them of the nature of the meeting and you must allow them time to get representation if they desire it.

Secondly employment law requires that staff are given the opportunity and training required to correct their faults unless it is “serious misconduct”. If you regard the sharing of a drink (value $2) as “serious misconduct” then you better get back to Pennsylvania because your Amish bretheren are missing you.

Well Jackie duly went and got her representation – somewhat post event but obviously required – and her representation filed a grievance for a wrongful dismissal. This is what would call a “slam dunk” and you are now in the “how much is this going to cost to go away” area.

Or you could stupid up and get malicious.

Which is what Subway did by calling the cops and making a complaint of theft. I shit you not.

About two weeks after she was fired, police charged her with the theft of two cups of Coke valued at $4. She will appear in Dunedin District Court this month.

Ok Subway, send me your address, I’ll send you a cheque for your four bucks and you can just get the hell over yourselves!

The legal argument could go that they are not persecuting an employee by this action because they’ve fired her (illegally) but personally I say if quacks like an asshole, has yellow feathers like an asshole and webbed feet like an asshole we may just have to deal with the possibility that we’re looking at an asshole. A vindictive, arrogant, nasty asshole who abuses their power over others.

Jackie now has the fun and excitement of explaining to her new employer what the hell this is all about, faces criminal charges and a conviction for theft as a servant.

Shit its so good that the cops have “discretionary powers” when deciding if something is in the public interest to prosecute eh? If only she’d stolen $800,000 and an election she’d have been let off.

Well George St management we decide how much business you get and I say none until Subway make some retroactive staffing decisions.


Subway sandwiches

360 George St


And for those of you playing at home: 0-3-477-5781

Tell them I sent you.

Foot long that bitch!





Remember you read it here first.

4 Responses to Eat at Subway – just not the Geroge St, Dunedin one.

  1. they will receive faxes all day tomorrow. Employment law should cover the first couple of hours.

  2. Murray says:


  3. …then you better get back to Pennsylvania because your Amish bretheren are missing you.

    Tsk, Murray. The Amish aren’t nearly this uptight.

  4. Murray says:

    Yes but they don’t use the net so I’m save to use them.

    All the uptight people round here are net geeks.

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