Castle Argghhh mocks us.

WMD has been declared a success.

But as to the castle, well the little bastard just sat there and due to budget issues pretty much got missed by mere inches aside from a couple of holes from the arbalest – the most devastating being my own shot that pinged a tower corner and blew a chunk off one panel.

The rock throwers had a frustrating time because without the money/time to produce some cast cement balls the ammo was whatever we picked up, Everyone managed to get their MPI right on the target but the scatter was just enough to ensure the castle lived to get smashed another day.

That day being Sunday 16th of December when take that little bastard out! Castle Argghhh will be somewhat larger by then with the addition of two more towers and wall sections and a Norman keep behind them. Yeah thats right, you can’t run or hide.

Yes WMD 2 is already taking shape and this time its no more Mr Freebe. We’ll have money, we’ll have more machines and most importantly, we’ll have the BALLS for the job.

To this end you can get your T’s and stuff here and send vast wads of cash to me while I try to survive the financial ramifications of having just funded this effort out of my own pocket and having $400 stolen to round the weekend off.


On another note if you want to buy Gnome Homes please do it directly through me rather than use the website as I no longer supply the people that run it.

There will be pictures up at some stage and the video is being worked on as we speak. Meanwhile Oswald has some pics at his place


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