About 1,000 white feathers for a project that two other people have already managed to screw up on in the last two months and needs to be finished in two weeks so its finally been put in front of the person who should have had it from the start. Me. No pressure.

If you happen to have a pile of goose or duck feathers we could really use a hand here.

Money is being offered in exchange.

Let me know.

UPDATE: Feathers have been sorted thanks to the nice people at Te Hua Farm. To end speculation they are not for arrow flights its for someone else working on a costume. There may be pictures later.


21 Responses to Wanted…

  1. llew says:

    That can’t be hard for Featherston!


    I bet someone there can help.

  2. Rick Giles says:

    Day after day I get so sick of people hitting me up for duck feathers. Rack off~!

    You’re going down!

  3. Murray says:

    What like you go down.. on ducks?

    Who the hell do you think you are, the commissioner of police????

  4. george says:

    The south island is riddled with Canada Geese. Get a shotgun and head south with it at the high port.

    Either that or convert your seige engine to grape shot or airburst over one of your local lakes

  5. Murray says:

    White Canada Gooses?

  6. george says:

    Observe your target. White at top of chest and around the stern quarters. Buy some janola.

  7. Murray says:

    I see.

    But how does one get the gooses to drink the janola?

  8. george says:

    Try putting little glace cherries and a sparkly dipshit umbrella in their drinks

  9. Murray says:

    Surely you’re thinking of flamingos?

  10. Who’d want a flamingo in their drink?

  11. george says:

    An alligator?

  12. Alligators are useless to Murray. Not only are there none within 4000 miles of him, but they don’t have white feathers.

    What he really needs to do is go hunt seagulls for his white feathers. (It’s not like there’s any shortage of them, God knows.)

  13. george says:

    Problem solved

  14. Rick Giles says:

    My pun was better.

  15. Murray says:

    I thought it a rather poultry effort.

  16. Murray says:

    As god intended.

  17. llew says:

    Got the feathers?

  18. Murray says:


    You might like to explain the difference between a “forum” and a blog to your chat buddies. Those of us manning blogs are under permanent attack so being belligerent is a feature, not a bug.

  19. I came in late. Are the Canada geese doing the job New Zealand geese won’t do? As far as I can tell, the only thing Canada geese do is poop.

    I trust you already had the tar, Murray.

  20. george says:

    There are no NZ geese. We don’t bear grudges against President Teddy Roosevelt but we wish he could have left Canada Geese off his game gift-list to NZ.

    They inhabit the high country valleys and lakes in plague proportions. 3 of them will eat as much as one sheep. They foul pasture and the cattle won’t eat in there for a while after. They are devastating on wheat crops.

    They should be removed from the game bird list and onto the pest list to be shot 24/7.
    Occasional helicopter culls are not keeping up with their breeding. Persecute them in one area and they regroup in another catchment. They are probably active spreaders of didymo algae, another gift from the northern hemisphere. They inhabit the same territory as migratory birds like the Caspian Tern. These fellows come every year from northern Asia. If they ever make it here with bird flu the geese will be great vectors for passing it around.

    In short they are enemies of the people, but hey thanks for the thought Teddy, you meant well.

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