Chronic revealed.

Until one village parted with its idiot New Zealand had to get by without the sage advice of this Crusading Caledonian for Communism. Now we have this accented tool telling us everything from why we need MORE personal tax to why Communism is the light! Of course although he has his own site no one reads it so he spends his entire day – at his employers expense – hijacking others peoples sites with his inane party line drivel. Our very own auto-ranting commiebot. Well actually not our own, he’s a bloody foreigner.

Here he is, Chronic and his sidekick Mr McFluffy as they seek to rid the world of evil things like personal freedom, low taxes, democracy and rational debate.


Ye cannae change the laws of socialism Captain! 

Read more of his exploits along with the other sycophantic leftist trolls that roam free on Farrars site as they defend historys worst mass murders and seek to prove that capitalism is in fact the root of all evil… because they say so!

Which is why the commies all build fences, to keep us OUT. There’s a tui ad.

What a dickhead.


7 Responses to Chronic revealed.

  1. I agree with everything you have written murray (as usual) but please tell me that is a real photo of bubonic because if it is not it is certainly the mental image I have of him.

  2. Murray says:

    Reality is relative.

    Relatively speaking thats really what everyone who sees that picture will think of whenever the noxious little troll yaps off from now on.

    Tomorrow I will separate light from dark.

  3. llew says:

    What is that thing at his neck?

  4. andrei says:


    I think it may be an African Gambian pouch rat.

    Its about the right size and is a pest that has got out of control in the Florida Keys.

  5. scrubone says:

    He looked younger in print.

    Love the category, mind if I nick it 🙂

  6. Murray, let us know you are not dead… Please

  7. ZenTiger says:

    Oh my God, they’ve killed Murray.

    Rise, damn you. You have three days.

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