Cpl Willie Apiatea VC

Colin Espiner – blithering idiot of the press reports:

BREAKING NEWS: An SAS officer who carried a severely wounded fellow soldier across open ground under heavy fire while in Afghanistan has been awarded the Victoria Cross by the Queen.

1. Cpl is an NCO rank not an officer.
2. HMTQ has NOT awarded him anything, she has approved the award. He has yet to be presented with it. It will look like a Labour party rally when it happens with all the leftie anti-war types smirking up for a photo-op. My fathers greatest concern at his last pesentation was that he might have to be nice to head witch herself but it was only a minor flunky – Mallard – who showed up amongst his betters.

In his column Espiner manages to name Clark four times and Apiatea three times and seems a little light on detail. Who the hell won the medal again?

Stuff does better and actually tells us about Apiatea and the other three (unidentified for secutrity reasons) SAS soldiers (one of whom actually IS an officer) who have also won awards.

Smells a lot like combat out there. Its almost like theres a war on or something…

Citations here.


6 Responses to Cpl Willie Apiatea VC

  1. Graeme Edgeler says:

    The Stuff page has now been fixed – “Soldier”.

    The Herald article, which carries some of the info on the other gallantry awards also does the annoying thing of conflating “bravery” and “gallantry” (not too bad), and (worse) refers to the other awards thusly:

    “Captain C” and “Corporal B” will receive New Zealand’s second highest military honour, the New Zealand Gallantry Decoration (NZGD).

    “Corporal R” will receive New Zealand’s third highest military honour, the New Zealand Gallantry Medal (NZGM)”

    Of course, the Victoria Cross for New Zealand is our highest military honour, and the New Zealand Gallantry Star our second. Then the NZGD and then the NZGM.

  2. Murray says:

    Yeah well exactely how hard would it be for them to fact check because they always without fail get it wrong and without fail we slap them around for it.

    Keeping a couple of guys with service numbers on retainer would make them look a lot less like a bunch of tools.

    You have to wonder how accurate the rest of what the report is.

  3. llew says:

    It’s quibbling, but I’d call Mallard a MAJOR flunky.

  4. Murray says:

    Would that make Cunliffe “CPL Punishment” then?

  5. llew says:

    I thought that was Benson Pope?

  6. Murray says:

    No hes General Disaster DCM*.

    *Don’t come Monday – that way the press can’t ask you what you were doing in the leather schoolboy outfit with no ass.

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