Wont somebody think of the children!!!!

Hard on the heels of her victory over commonsense and the will of the people Sue “Slapper” Bradford followed up with another “seems like a good idea to get my face (oh the horror) in the paper stunt with her – Votes for the Spotty Yoof bill.

To prove that when you get to the bottom of the hole you should dig hard the Slapper has come up with another galatically stupid plan for the continued intrusion of the state into peoples lives and the dismantling of that dodo of humanity who’s time has come – the kiwi family.

Sue is now proposing that carrying of children on ones shoulders constitutes “reckless endangerment” and is in fact “child abuse”.

Te rationale for this – if you could call it that – is that from that height a child could be badly hurt if they fall and are in danger of “sevre head injuries” from low objects such as door frames.

Bradford is formulating yet another bill which will outlaw that carrying of ones own children on a parents shoulders. Well it wont outlaw it… but it will make it illegal… but it wont ban it… but you wont be allowed to do it… or something.

Don’t forget Helen Clark is FIRMLY against it! right up untill she whips her MP’s into voting for it.

This story is of course complete bullshit.

But how many of you had to read this far before you knew that?


4 Responses to Wont somebody think of the children!!!!

  1. llew says:

    Is it not true then?

    Hey Murray, I’ve been thinking that what every orchard needs, is a Gnome home or two. Can you email me your current prices?

    No rush – I can’t pay you till next week anyway.

  2. dave says:

    Im just waiting for Bradford to draft a bill banning women giving birth. It must really hurt those babies. Giving birth is abuse. Correction is already banned so if a babys position is corrected while sliding down the birth canal that is not allowed already.

    But it wont make any diffrerence – our abortion laws havent.

  3. ZenTiger says:

    Whilst this post remains on the web, you are recklessly endangering parents with children.

    Dave – you might be right, but it might go further. Becoming pregnant is maliciously inflicting future abuse on children, from imperfective parents and their thoughtlessness in increasing the family’s carbon footprint. The poor kid will be choking on C02 and it all started when mum got knocked up.

  4. krm says:

    Sadly, this seemed perfectly plausible as one of her actions. The left has become immune to parody or satire – because nothing idiotic is beyond them.

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