Things that make you hmmm…

According to one retailer in Upper Hutt one of the other retailers yesterday refused to shift to Colin Gibbs’ new, yet rapidly aging empty lemon of a mall he calls “Trentham City”.

Today it was gutted by fire.


3 Responses to Things that make you hmmm…

  1. A fire you say officer? Hmmmm Murray you say? The name seems familiar..something about some Vegas showgirls and some lads from Chicago with lots of vowels in their last names…fire, maybe no that was maybe a brother-Toi-Toi or something like that. Welcome back from where ever you were old man…or whenever you were.

  2. Murray says:

    You’re a bloody trouble maker you are.

  3. krm says:

    The paper notes:

    “The company has recently built a new mall and cinema complex in town but they were not damaged, Mr Cottam said.”

    Did the reporter assume that if there was a fire in one buiilding owned by the company, then all of the company’s properties would also burn?

    And as a lifelong Chicagoan, I would have to emphatically deny that those sorts of folks always have names with lots of vowels. In fact the Eastern European influx leaves is with many who are heavily vowel-deficient.

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