Ahmed Zaoui is FREE!

As he always has been.

Free to leave my country. From the moment he was caught trying to sneak in using a false passport he has been free to leave whenever he wants. He didn’t have to change his story three times before calling a lawyer known for getting people refugee status – funny how he just happened to have THAT phone number on him isn’t it? He didn’t have to stay in jail for one day, all he had to do was say the word and he would have been gone. His choice, not ours kept him here.

He has however chosen to stay here and he has cost the New Zealand taxpayer millions of dollars. He has chosen to be a parasite while to doing his utmost to open our national security methods to public examination thus ensuring our systems for detecting and dealing with terrorists are hopelessly compromised.

Why are we paying for this to happen again?

Meanwhile AI once again defend the terrorists goals while leaving the true HR violators a free hand.

Why don’t you piss off and protest in Tiananmen Square or down town Terahan you spineless democracy hating wastes of space? Oh thats right, because in those place they don;t give a crap about human rights and you’d dissappear.

The greatest threat to security is the belief that there is no threat to security.

The greatest threat to Western Civilisation is the belief that there is no threat to Western Civilisation.


3 Responses to Ahmed Zaoui is FREE!

  1. WebWrat says:

    As posted over at DPF’s.

    During the period I worked in Algeria in ’96 – ’97, 30,000 Mums, Dads and their kids were murdered. Some bombs were used but the weapons of choice for the fanatical mongrels were knives and machetes.

    One trip I was there a school bus was stopped on the road and all the kids were hacked to death and then the bus was burnt.

    On another occasion, a WHOLE village was hacked to death in their beds during the night.

    I often wonder why Zaoui has done a runner from his ‘beloved’ country.

    I often wonder what we are actually harboring here.

    I often wonder what the parents of those school kids would think of us protecting Zaoui.

  2. Brian says:

    I agree, Well said WebWrat and Murray. The SIS must prevail in this case.

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