It makes you proud to be a kiwi.

Hard on the heels of Time magazine lifting the rock on the violent reality that is New Zealand we get news that our once proud police force is becoming even more less of the solution and more of the problem.

We already have a lowering of physical standards, then the dropping of academic standards – we have to TEACH a cop the alpahabet???? And now we’re lowering the standards on actually NOT being a convicted criminal.

Police spokesman Chester Borrows released figures showing that of the new recruits accepted last year, 25 had convictions compared with three in 2003.

“Most were dealt with by the Youth Court and by diversion, but three were classified as criminal convictions,” Mr Borrows said.

So this “thoroughly vetted and scrutinised to ensure they were suitable candidates” thing you have going on allows convicted criminals to become police. Well gosh I just feel all warm and confident now.

The next tinme some sleezy little weed with a thick accent and glasses trys to sell you dope – ask for his ID.


One Response to It makes you proud to be a kiwi.

  1. […] thoughts on why that might be? Simple, unlike the NZ POLICE, the New Zealand Army frowns on having convicted criminals in their ranks. I’m not saying […]

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