Ok now read this…

The “run amok” is another sensationalist headline that rather doesn’t accurately describe the events but since tabloid hackery is the norm not the exception in the NZ media we’ll just put a pin in that one for the moment.

The bit I want you to read is this from his lawyer: “McEntee would lose his job if he was jailed, Norcross said.”

Any thoughts on why that might be? Simple, unlike the NZ POLICE, the New Zealand Army frowns on having convicted criminals in their ranks. I’m not saying they aren’t there – hell one of our troops section commanders was ex-Black Power and another former Mongrol mob and both of them damn fine soldiers – I’m just saying that it doesn’t help your job retention propects.

A conviction would see this guy punted. But then he could always get a job as a cop on twice the pay.

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