Just a personal observation.

But no Wiccan is condemened to eternal hell for killing themselves. Catholics have made it a cornerstone of their church.

Since we’re going to play “I’m better than you are” in Matamata. Interesting comment about “fanning the flames” there padre’. I really don’t think you want to get into close examination of which (yes I resisted the urge to pun-spell – opps there’s one anyway) faith is more dangerous to young people.

As an aside there are currently over 1,800 service persons in the US Air Force and Marines with approximately 4,000 in the Army and Navy with “Wicca” on their dog tags and a number of Wicca who recently had the pentacle approved as an official symbol for their headstones or memorials.

There’s enough pig ignorance out there already without people bringing here, do some research before speaking on this one please. 

Maybe some of the Christians out there should look to their house before laying in the fire wood.

8 Responses to Just a personal observation.

  1. When others solomly rub blue mud into their navels it may behove us to do the same, after RAH Diary of Lazarus Long.

  2. krm says:

    As a fundie, I would clearly disagree with Wiccan theology (although that is sufficiently amorphous and idiosyncratic to make it hard to really reference as an entity). But if the Wiccans will get along peacefully (e.g. no suicide bombs or behaedings) then they will have the full right to carry on.

  3. Rick says:

    As you say, KRM.

    Looking forward to seeing ALL Muslims reduce their hocus pocus fun to putting blue mud on their navels instead of suicide belts.

  4. george says:

    No judgments, just an observation; the small number of people that I know who became involved in the alternative spiritual healing thing all got sick with chronic complaints. In fact three i know have serious illnesses they didn’t have before.

  5. Nosmo says:

    Wiccan, eh?

    I have a set of Official US Army Dogtags issued at Ft Belviour, VA in Nov 1989 that states my religion as Druid!

    I had it done as a lark, we were getting extra tags made while on temporary duty from Honduras to Belviour – one of my troops were getting hassled by a clerk about wanting “no Pref” as his religion, and I has to pull rank and get the clerk to take care of the troop, not push religious beliefs on the job. So after my squad went through the line, I filled out a request for a set of tags with Druid for my religion.

    Clerk: “I never heard of druid”

    Me: ” I worship Oak Trees! Do you have a problem with that Private?”

    Not a word was said, and I still wear the tags!

  6. Chrstservt says:

    “killing themselves”??? I know I only check this blog every once and a while, but did I miss something?

    Just because some people claim “Christianity” does not mean that they truly know Christ Jesus.

    A blanket statement about suicide and condemnation would be unfortunate. To me, that is one of those issues that blanket statements just might not apply. Who really knows something like that?

    Joh 3:17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

  7. Zen Druid, the worship of trees that may or may not be there.

  8. krm says:

    Non-catholic Christian denominations have often come out differently on the suicide issue. It is not black and white theologically (one of the reasons that I am not Catholic anymore is their propesity to over-read Scripture to acheive dogmatic pornouncements where there is inadequate foundation for them).

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