How about getting a job.

You useless parasitie.

CRAWFORD, Texas – Cindy Sheehan, the soldier’s mother who galvanized the anti-war movement, said Sunday that she plans to seek House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s congressional seat unless she introduces articles of impeachment against President Bush in the next two weeks.

You’ve dishonered the death of your son and milked it for more than long enough.

In case you’ve forgotten his name Cindy was Casey Sheehan.

3 Responses to How about getting a job.

  1. krm says:

    Iwould love to see Cindy and Nancy slug it out politically. I might even be willing ot watch that sort of thing on pay-per-view.

  2. Gadfly says:

    I just want to slap the bitch hard enough to break both her ankles.

  3. Bryan says:

    Not too off topic, here’s an extraordinary TV interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali by a Toronto presenter who is intent on spouting every left wing, anti-American cliche in the book:

    (Scroll down a few threads.)

    She appears to be quite charmed by him but her words belie her coy attitude, especially this final bit:

    I don’t find myself in the same luxury as you. You grew up in freedom and you can spit on freedom because you don’t know what it is not to have freedom. I haven’t. I know that there are many things wrong with America and with Americans but I still believe that it is the best country in the world.

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