Pop Quiz.

The Rimutaka Hill road is:

A. A winding narrow hill road that connects the Wairarapa to the Hutt Valley and Wellington which has steep drops, weak fencing, sharp corners which cause all heavy diesel vehicles which have just fueld up to slop fuel all over road, has short passing lanes, is prone to extreemes of weather conditions resulting in frequent closures due to snow and ice that should be traversed with care at all times and with extreme caution when conditions are marginal.

B. A personal challenge for brain dead fuckwits who have trouble grasping the difference between playstation and reality. 

This post may well as a sticker on the back of my car for the benefit of those who choose “B” WHILE ITS SNOWING!

Although I did give the tool in boy racer wankmobile 8.5 for entertainment value when he put himself into the bank. shame he diodn’t manage to find the other side. Evidently Oz met his cousin .

3 Responses to Pop Quiz.

  1. mojo says:

    Aha … I see and must say I do agree with both you and Os.
    You two do seem to have a lot of common experiences
    which is of course mutually reassuring and nice.

  2. Murray says:

    We’re actually twins.

    We’re also both the evil one.

  3. mojo says:

    Somehow I knew you’d reject the ‘man love’ notion … but careful, two into one suggests, but partially evil.

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