Just talk amongst yourselves for a bit.

As you may have noticed I haven’t been blogging much recently. This due to having spent the last couple of weeks actually “working”.

For those interested in live theatre I can recomend Taita Collages A Midsummers Night Dream which runs from tonight for the rest of the week. I’ve seen some of the rehearsals and they’re doing a good job. For me the highlight would have to be Bottom doing the Pyramus and Thisbe thing. Bottom would have to be wearing THE finest Roman armour I’ve ever seen in a school production. Corbridge A lorica segmentata if I’m not mistaken. Which I can asure you I’m not.

In other news I’ve been working a new range of cast “stuff”. The word of the day is pewter! Next week I’ll be launching the new stuff and there will be all kinds of things for you to throw money at me. Although I am aiming largely at the retail and reenactment markets.

In the first run there will be necklaces – Thors Hammer, large and small Celtic Cross, arrowhead and a couple of other things. A couple of broches including an upsized Viking longship coin. Renactment items include Medieval buttons, strap ends, buckles, torcs, penanular and coin tokens. And for the Romans full fittings for beltae including five different belt plates. Because NO ONE here makes them and I want some!

If you want something done right or even half assed…

I hope to have it on single web site in a couple of weeks.

Also in development is a catapult lesson module for schools. Education should be fun and if you can lay seige to the staff room at the end of the lesson well thats just a bonus.

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