July 13, 2007

100 convictions and he was still free to rape?

Then there’s this guys who is 22 not out. Ok this your 22nd warning, do it again and you’ll be in serious trouble my son.

What bullshit.

Whats fucking wrong in this country is NOT people being too critical of judges I’m thinking. Yeah add me to your list but I’m still allowed to think. You may as well jail me for contempt though because contempt is what I feel.

Cops who are crims and judges who wont jail crims.

What ISN’T wrong with this picture?

Cry Havok and let slip the gerbils of war!

July 13, 2007

These guys are nuts!

Send in the tribbles… no mercy!

Hell I’d PAY to see it.

July 12, 2007

20,000 Jafa’s* being thrown down the worlds steepest street? whats not to like?

Take that you latee’ slurping yuppies. 

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Ok now read this…

July 12, 2007

The “run amok” is another sensationalist headline that rather doesn’t accurately describe the events but since tabloid hackery is the norm not the exception in the NZ media we’ll just put a pin in that one for the moment.

The bit I want you to read is this from his lawyer: “McEntee would lose his job if he was jailed, Norcross said.”

Any thoughts on why that might be? Simple, unlike the NZ POLICE, the New Zealand Army frowns on having convicted criminals in their ranks. I’m not saying they aren’t there – hell one of our troops section commanders was ex-Black Power and another former Mongrol mob and both of them damn fine soldiers – I’m just saying that it doesn’t help your job retention propects.

A conviction would see this guy punted. But then he could always get a job as a cop on twice the pay.

Damn, first the airforce loses its plane, now this…

July 12, 2007

Storm sweeps navy’s boat away

Next you’ll be telling me someones nicked off with the army’s spud gun.

Perhaps the headline writer might like to go back to school for a bit. 30 -35 years might do it.

It makes you proud to be a kiwi.

July 12, 2007

Hard on the heels of Time magazine lifting the rock on the violent reality that is New Zealand we get news that our once proud police force is becoming even more less of the solution and more of the problem.

We already have a lowering of physical standards, then the dropping of academic standards – we have to TEACH a cop the alpahabet???? And now we’re lowering the standards on actually NOT being a convicted criminal.

Police spokesman Chester Borrows released figures showing that of the new recruits accepted last year, 25 had convictions compared with three in 2003.

“Most were dealt with by the Youth Court and by diversion, but three were classified as criminal convictions,” Mr Borrows said.

So this “thoroughly vetted and scrutinised to ensure they were suitable candidates” thing you have going on allows convicted criminals to become police. Well gosh I just feel all warm and confident now.

The next tinme some sleezy little weed with a thick accent and glasses trys to sell you dope – ask for his ID.

You’re propsal is acceptable.

July 12, 2007

Commandos stormed the Red Mosque before dawn, and the army said about 50 militants and eight soldiers were killed in Tuesday’s fighting.The cleric, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, who vowed to die rather than surrender, was killed during the attack, said Javed Iqbal Cheema, spokesman for the Interior Ministry. …

Doctors described his condition as “very satisfactory”. 

They want to die, we want them dead. Everybody is happy so if you bleeding heart lefties would like to get out of way we can all get on with it.

Ahmed Zaoui is FREE!

July 9, 2007

As he always has been.

Free to leave my country. From the moment he was caught trying to sneak in using a false passport he has been free to leave whenever he wants. He didn’t have to change his story three times before calling a lawyer known for getting people refugee status – funny how he just happened to have THAT phone number on him isn’t it? He didn’t have to stay in jail for one day, all he had to do was say the word and he would have been gone. His choice, not ours kept him here.

He has however chosen to stay here and he has cost the New Zealand taxpayer millions of dollars. He has chosen to be a parasite while to doing his utmost to open our national security methods to public examination thus ensuring our systems for detecting and dealing with terrorists are hopelessly compromised.

Why are we paying for this to happen again?

Meanwhile AI once again defend the terrorists goals while leaving the true HR violators a free hand.

Why don’t you piss off and protest in Tiananmen Square or down town Terahan you spineless democracy hating wastes of space? Oh thats right, because in those place they don;t give a crap about human rights and you’d dissappear.

The greatest threat to security is the belief that there is no threat to security.

The greatest threat to Western Civilisation is the belief that there is no threat to Western Civilisation.

Some subtle signs from the natives…

July 5, 2007

queues of people buying coal… people filling gas bottles… the natives happily burbling about “just stocking up for when the snow starts are we?”

I could ask Oz what these subtle changes in behaviour mean or…. bugger the met office and the sunshine, I’m getting some fire wood cut asap.

Things that make you hmmm…

July 4, 2007

According to one retailer in Upper Hutt one of the other retailers yesterday refused to shift to Colin Gibbs’ new, yet rapidly aging empty lemon of a mall he calls “Trentham City”.

Today it was gutted by fire.