Proud Meatsexual!

Join us and there will be meat!

For all.

I really can’t this taking off at all. You new age pysdo-interlectual plastic hippies will be happy with your veges, carrots, pickles, whatever.  For the rest of us, its ALL about the meat.

The difference is, we don’t go around posturing that we’re better than everyone who doesn’t hold with our way of doing things. Till now.


3 Responses to Proud Meatsexual!

  1. joy says:

    The first word that came into my mind when I read about this was “Shakers”. Sometimes nut jobs can be bred out of existence.

    And of course, it also makes you wonder if they were even having sex to begin with.

    Sorry. My bad.

  2. Gadfly says:

    As I said

    You need mesquite wood for a barbecue

    Well, OK, I suppose hickory will do in a pinch

  3. krm says:

    If G*d didn’t want us to eat animals, He wouldn’t have made them out of meat.

    Something that clear and simple should be obvious even to drug-addled old hippies (and other liberals).

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