And the Oscar for victim goes too…

First shes an utterly crap student.

Then she doesn’t get the free ride she thinks her money should get her and bitches about it.

She goes to the N Z Herald and wants to bitch about it anyomously as well.

Shes gets what she wants, the man who dared cross her is fired out of hand – questions remain unanswered as to what part her wealthy family played in this.

Now SHES the victim and doesn’t feel safe and wants to study somewhere else and scurries off to her home town media to play it up for the tame audience????

Well boo fucking hoo. Don’t let the airplane door hit you ass on the way out of the country.

The more about this exchange that comes to light the less favorable this student looks. Not to mention the administration who made what appears to be a decision based on politics and money.


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