Ok lets see if this will get the great firewall slammed in my face again…

Anyone who has read what I’ve written for more than three seconds will not I’m not the biggest fan of the Chinese Communist Party or their continued oppresion of the Chinese people along with their rampant bulling of media and free citizens in other peoples countries.

Consequently I’m right behind this….


From Blair:

The government of the People’s Republic of China, still not the legitimate government of China, is an evil, repressive regime. Since the 1970s it has transformed itself from a communist regime, where private enterprise is banned, to a fascist regime, where private ownership and enterprise is regulated and harnessed by the state and the Party for its own purposes. Free speech and freedom of the press is severely restricted and censored. Religion must be sanctioned by the state or adherents are persecuted. Huge numbers of political and religious dissidents languish in Chinese prisons.

The last fascist Olympics held, in Berlin in 1936, was a disgraceful and shameful spectacle that served to sanitise and gloss over the barbarity of the Nazi regime, and served to encourage sympathisers like Oswald Mosley and Charles Lindbergh. It was a mistake that should not be repeated. The Beijing Olympics next year must not be allowed legitimacy.

Go forth and read more, I have to cancel my 9 training seasions for this week and sell by protien supliments. Damn, I even had a place ready for my medals too.


One Response to Ok lets see if this will get the great firewall slammed in my face again…

  1. ZenTiger says:

    No no no. Only by turning a blind eye to its weaknesses can we hope to bring democracy and prosperity to its citizens. Which explains why lefties try to focus their “constructive criticism” on the USA – they really do intend to destroy it.

    Come to think of it, China has only been bad because of past transgressions of the Western World. And Japan. Which is West of China if you go the long way.

    And another reason for keeping on China’s good side is that Helen has a back order for 4 million little red books. She’s handing them out as pledge cards next election. We got a really good deal on the Electoral Reform Bill too. The “Made In China” stamp in the document footer was a giveaway.

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