A fuckwit too far!

David Farrar is known for  many things, mainly being too soft of trolls and so even handed in his dealings with his many factually challenged and delusuional denial monkey leftist trolls that many of us in the VRWC have expressed dispair and questioned his continued membership.

Always happy, cheerful and friendly DPF is always ready to see the good in people. Even handed to a fault and willing to see the other side of an argument he is a model of fairness. In short he pisses EVERYONE off frenquently.

But today is a landmark day, he has finally broken as one of the worst of the worst commentors, a self impressed Scots socialist idiot who spends his entire day at the recuritment firm he works for in Auckland trolling conservatives blogs talking utter shit. Most of us just ban him as a violation of our “No Fuckwits” policy but David ever the bastion of free speech for mental impared let him have his head.

Today this changed. Read the comments for the most priceless slam you will ever see in a blog. Its like Bambi just whiped out an uzi and went postal.

One more of us, one less of them.

On yer Dave. 

Lets see that again in slomo…

sonic Says:
Very symbolic of National’s desire to buy the election, well done to whoever came up with this.

[DPF: Sonic you fucking moronic lemming, National has said they support anon and trust donations ending. It is Labour and Helen Clark who is standing in the way of this, having reneged on her promise]



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  1. […] David. Murray helpfully provides a link to the comments section where David finally loses his rag. read more | digg […]

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