Let there be… pewter!

Here you go, the first range is now launched and already in three retail outlets. Wonder what will happen when I TRY to sell the stuff…


Arrowhead. Popular with the archery crowd, may not pass airport security. Claim “cultural right” and you’ll be fine. $15


Triple Goddess. The actual witch symbol, NOT the Wiccan pentacle as assumed. Just in time for the Spring Solstice for those of us living on the top of the world. The fact that I live 10 clicks from Stonhenge NZ in no way influenced this item being produced in the forst run. $15


Viking coin necklace. Mixed coins which were made as oversized versions of 10th Cent Viking coins found in York. The old one, not the new one. $15


Mjølnir (Thors Hammer) For those of you of the Scandiavian pursuasion. Wear one to Slat Lake City and see if they burn you at the stake. $15


Viking Coin Earrings. Just like the necklace only for ears! This picture shows the Raven coin but you can get them in two Ravens, two longship or one of each. $15


Roman Denarii Earrings. These are made from actual coins, one being a Trajan the other Hadrian, none of your woosie Constantines here pal! Small but with excellent detail – lets see how good YOU look after spending 1,900 years buried in Dacia! $15


Denarii Bag-O-Coins Havent worked out the price but thinking of selling them in bags of thirty come election time.


Torcs Traditionaly made with twisted wire and none of this highly decorated bollocks with dragons and elves and pretty rubbish all over it thankyou! Avaialable in large and small. They are flexible enough to be sized. just don’t make a habit of it because like all metal constant flexing will cause it to fall into the river. $25 (bet you thought I was going to say $15)



Medieval Buttons We’re starting to get into the period reenactment stuff here but they’re made so here they are. Measuring 1.5 cm across they come in domed, flat with roped edge and square pryamid (not shown). Ideal for adding that extra touch to your costume. 6 for $10 I was roundly abused by an Auckland costume maker for selling these too cheaply and making it imposible for others to compete and I’d like to say that I feel just wretched about that.

Moving along…


Cloak Pin Again more of a reenactment item this pin is a traditional item that also lacks the pretentious decoration that would mark it out as a cheap Chinese knock off. For this pin to FUNCTION it has to have a smooth shaft so the pin can move freely. The pin is hand hammered steel for strength. Again could be an airport issue but play the culture card/insanity plea because frankly not that people wear cloaks on public transport these days. Batman, Robin & Superman notwithstanding. $15

So if you’re interested in anything here you can either drop me a line with your physical address and I’ll mail you a brochure or you can order directly through me using paypal for those of you in foriegn countries. (Almost everyone on the planet). Prices are in pretty much your currency because the exchange rate will allow for postage. Except you funny Brits who still use tin ingots or something. I’ll work it out for you on request. 

Coming soon, Roman, Viking & Medieval belt fittings and buckles. Also traditional Viking and Roman board games using the coins as playing pieces.

Finally and important safety tip: When a girl looks at your brochure and says “you’re very talented, I don’t have a creative bone in my body”, the correct response is NOT “would you like one?” 

Its just as well shes known me for nearly 10 years and expected nothing less.

UPDATE: For those wishing to order anything now you can make a payment via my email address oceania@distance-simulations.com to paypal. The price in US$ is whats listed above and includes postage. Same for Australians. Please make sure you fill out your delivery address info and include what it is you’re buying in the comments. Delivery will take 6-12 days.

If you’re NZ local email me and I can give you my account details for a direct credit. Delivery will be at the mercy of NZ post, please accept my appologies for the delay now to save time later.


21 Responses to Let there be… pewter!

  1. Where’s my Celtic stuff?

    Not to mention Castle Argghhh! Exclusives?

    And my house plate?

  2. Aside from those torques.

  3. Though, I dunno, do I want a house plate in pewter?


  4. Murray says:

    Soooo what you’re saying is aside from the Celtic stuff wheres the Celtic stuff?

    Did you request Celtic stuff? I don’t recall.

    You house/barn plates I have learned to hate with a white hot intensity! Would you settle for Castle Argghh belt buckles?

  5. Hee! Sure, we’re low standard REMFs who will let you skate on the plates…

  6. Good Stuff! I’l work up a selection of eye beads and Roman style glass this week. R

  7. BillT says:


    Big ones, with beaded tips.

    I don’t want to actually *hurt* the elephants, y’unnerstand, just make them think twice about stomping through the hallways until my hangover clears up…

  8. kat-missouri says:

    Castle Aaaarrrggghhh!! buckle. I’d go for that. Or a key chain.

  9. Roachman says:


    Nice work! Got dirested over here from John at The Castle.
    I’m interested in ordering the Mjolnir necklace. I named my time trial bike Mjolnir after Thor’s hammer.


  10. Um, Bill – would these be the *pink* elephants? You might want to control those additives, man.

  11. Murray says:

    David you can make a paypal payment to my email address (oceania@distance-simulations.com) just include the shipping address and add what it is you want in the comments and I can have it in the mail for you right away.

    For the other pitchfork/torch waving mob from the Castle… your belt bukles and key rings will be in the next run. Back you dogs BACK I say!

    Jeeze John loose the hounds why don’t you.

    OFS, jam is very tasty! See I even barter. Beads for metal… HANG ON, I’ve seen THIS deal before.

  12. Cricket says:

    Viking earmuffs? Or Horned Helmets for the Valkyries? I doubt you will be burned at the stake in Salt Lake. Covered with a year’s supply of honey and staked out in the desert maybe, but burning is soooo Puritan and last year.

    Or you might be forced to drink a ration of powdered milk (WWII surplus vintage) from someone’s forgotten and unused food storage.


  13. Murray says:

    What the hell are Viking earmuffs?

    And don’t even get me started on horned helmets!

  14. $24 in beads for the South Island, foreshore included? Glad you like the jam-last picking will probably be this weekend one more run.

  15. Techography says:

    Pew-torical thoughts

    Murray managed to get his hands on some pewter

    And damn did he come up with some cool stuff to make with it

    Check it out!

    Hell you might see something you’ve been wanting for your medieval scottish cloak or what not.

  16. Steve Blom says:

    Well done!
    I have been making and selling pewter in the US for the last 20 years, so I have an eye for quality products. I especially like the arrowhead.

  17. triticale says:

    Slat Lake City? Do they boil ribs there instead of barbacueing them?

  18. Murray says:

    Jesus man don’t say foreshore, you’ll have another native uprising on your hands.

    Last time someone did that half her Maori MP’s quit and formed their own party draining off support for the sociaist occupation government… on second thoughts. Go nuts.

  19. threadbndr (karla) says:

    Murray, sending you an email with questions. John, you are a bad influence!

  20. Murray says:

    Ok who wants the Thors Hammer earrings?

    Yes I check the search engine.

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