Time for New Zealand to pull out!

In the bloodiest day of violence this month at least four explosions rocked the city of Christchurch causing chaos and charnage. Traffic was brought to a stand-still with authorities clearly unable to cope with the well planned attack.

In what some people are calling a swift and brutal response to New Zealand involvment in the transportation of Australian troops New Zealands fourth largest city was hammered by resistance forces yesterday.

At least one person is known to have been wounded in the multiple blasts but in the confusion the exact figure is unknown!

This is yet another blow to the New Zealand occupation forces and a serious escellation in violence. While NZ forces struggle to deal with the fall out from this blow, one thing is clear, its time for New Zealand to pull of of Christchurch.

This report was sponsored by Beebvision. The reporting with an agenda.


One Response to Time for New Zealand to pull out!

  1. ZenTiger says:

    Those money grubbing North Islanders are only in Christchurch to grab their share of the riches of Canterbury Plains. On the other hand, are mainlanders truly ready for peace?

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