Another proud kiwi moment.

As Helen Clark continues her hissy fit and infantile tantrum with a side order of toy throwing…

Prime Minister Helen Clark today took a retaliatory swipe at Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer over the troops’ flights row by bringing up his attendance at a National Party conference.

Miss Clark was asked by media this morning about Mr Downer speaking to New Zealand’s High Commissioner in Canberra last week over the Air New Zealand foreign policy blue.

The New Zealand Government reacted angrily last week to being kept in the dark by the airline and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Mfat) officials over the national carrier ferrying Australian troops from Darwin to Kuwait when some of them went on to Iraq.

The Australians have solved our problems for us by simply insitiuting their own policy of treating Air New Zealand like fresh dog shit on a hot day. They wouldn’t use Air NZ to fly plastic vomit out of Hong Kong.

Helen Clarks mouth just cost this country $18,000,000. Just peanuts on what shes managed in the past, ask Telecom.

Once again Helen Clarks drive for a headline has cost a New Zealand company business. Nice work mouthy. This from a PM how has more than once shot her mouth off about other peoples policies to the point where she has had to appologise and anyone familier with Clarkzilla knows what THAT takes.

Bottom line is that Air NZ DID advise the government, through the correct channels. the Ministry of Foriegn Affairs and Trade. You’ll note the clever word use by the media of claiming that “MFaT AND Air NZ” had failed to advise the government. A Minsitry IS the government. If they don’t bother to tell the minister or more likely he couldn’t take time out for his busy bauble chasing to read his bloody mail its not the airlines fault. Air NZ transports, – sorry, used to transport – Australian troops all over the place. We have put combat troops into Iraq (enginners are one teeth arms, ask them) so Air NZ had no reason to expect this incredible faux shock horror spittle fest from the ugly one.

Its bloody rich for her to be telling the Australian Foriegn Affairs Minister that he should keep his mouth shut about Australias foriegn affairs you’d think. Why don’t you tell American voters who to vote for again Helen because THAT worked out so well last time.

For people outside New Zealand this is what we call a Labour Party “Charm Offensive” just out of interest.

Anyone wondering why every week six hundred kiwis decide to become Aussies in fact if not in name?

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