Aside from the morality

of trading with a communist oppresive government with a human rights record that makes Gengis Khan look like Ghandi there are the side issues…

Like lead poisoning for you kids. Today program has bought you by the letters D, I & E and the number 1… three times.

Antifreeze and solvents in your toothpaste. Mmmm yummy! 

Indulgence blankets with 10 times the safe level of formaldehyde. The blanket you take to the grave?

And now your pants could burst into flames? How do you make a kid go “woof”?

Its like there’s a god… and he’s trying to tell us something.

Both pyjama incidents happened in July and involved the same type of TWL-brand flannelette pyjamas bought from The Warehouse, which has pulled the product from its shelves. …

Warehouse spokeswoman Cynthia Church said the company was urging everyone to remain vigilant and ensure the safety of children around fires and heaters.

Cythia went on to say they were very exicted about their new low cost TWL-brand firelighters which were ideal for those summer barbies as they caught easily and burnt “hot and long”.

Don’t by “Made in China”, better for your economy, better for your health and better for you kids if you don’t like them crispy. Also remember, Boycott Beijing! I am.

Free Tibet!

Free Tibet!

Free Tibet!


One Response to Aside from the morality

  1. The sad truth is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase goods not made in China. Oh and welcome back to regular blogging Murray. I was seriously contemplating canceling my subscription…..:)

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