Reason to use your national airline #87

Because if you use a bunch of Arabs* they’ll lose your mother.

Emirates refused to allow Auckland’s John Ozimek, 55, to take the ashes of his mother, Kathleen, on a flight as carry-on luggage. He was forced to pack the urn in a suitcase – with five luggage tags to be extra careful – but the case was lost en route to London.

The airline says it is doing “everything in our power” to find the suitcase, which has now been missing for two weeks.

And not for the first time in my experience the expectation one gets when booking to use this airline and the actual service delivered isn’t quite the same…

They had checked with their travel agent about flying with the ashes, but the airline had responded by saying the urn was too big for carry-on luggage. 

Now imagine an airline flyinmg someones remains to their final resting place. Imagine they lose those remains. Imagine they can’t be arsed communicating with the family.

Now imagine its a western airline losing an Arabs remains.

Yeah, thought so. 

*”Arabs” is used in the context of being an insult for stupid or idiotic behaviour common amongst Commonwealth soldiers arising from all the depolyments in the region over the last hundred years or sole. Its a competency insult, not a genetic. When I make a genetic insult you’ll know. 


3 Responses to Reason to use your national airline #87

  1. I think we have discussed this airline previously, and not withstanding my poor memory i choose emirates first wherever possible due to the very high level of comfort and service.
    Plus they are invariably cheaper than scAir New Zealand and do not treat there customers like a mild irritation.

  2. Murray says:

    I believe we arrived at the point where you used them and I found them to be institutionally anti-Semitic and wanted them blasted from our skys assumign we could borrow someones airforce.

  3. Ahhh, now I remember. Now Clarke has offended Australia we wont be borrowing their air force I guess.

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