And thats called kicking ass.

By the looks of this speech John “Fitzgerald” Key just elected himself PM.

I believe what Thomas Jefferson said ā€“ that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We cannot and we must not take democratic freedoms for granted.

Because, in reality, it is not a Bill of Rights that protects our rights. It is not up to a solicitor in the Crown Law Office or an official in the Ministry of Justice. In the end, it is not up to the government at all.

The protection of rights lies with us, the citizens of New ZealandThere are times when we have to stand up for our rights, and the rights of our neighbours and friends, and indeed the rights of people we totally disagree with, or else these rights will begin to erode away.

Way to make those socialists heads spin, quote Jefferson at them. This speech should be read in full. ..shortly before decide who to vote for preferably.


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