A promise is a promise

And this one is more true now than it was when I first put up not quite a year ago. And what the ocasion then? Oh right Mallard was threatening to “reveal personal secrets” about oposition members as Labour dove for the gutter. Get a new playbook dickheads.



2 Responses to A promise is a promise

  1. I’ve been meaning to tell you, Murray — the other day I read a spectacularly stupid science fiction story in which the Evil U.S. Government[tm] starts mandatory sterilization of people with inherited diseases. Our protagonist — slated for sterilization — is an embryologist whose funding has already been cut by the religious zealots in office. But no fear, New Zealand to the rescue!

    His comely Kiwi colleague (actually a New Zealand intelligence agent) manages to get him out of the country, through a NZ restaurant in the UN which is chock full of intelligence agents, ready to spirit Americans away to “the land of the freer and the home of the braver”.

    To complete the stupidity, the restaurant’s name is “Maori’s”. But that’s mostly to provide the set-up for a spectacularly lame pun later on. In fact, that might be the entire reason for New Zealand’s appearance in this story.

    Try not to weep.

  2. ZenTiger says:

    I read that book. Dolly the Sheep comes back strong in the sequel.

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