Do they have scholarships?


Education is important afterall.


2 Responses to Do they have scholarships?

  1. Alisa says:

    The department also offers many scholarships and work opportunities to students.

    I guess they do.

    …the department has been aggressively expanding its explosives classes.


  2. My alma mater, Oregon State University, had a class in using dynamite. It was taught in the Agriculture department and was only for Ag majors.

    As dangerous as the stuff can be when used wrong, it’s damned useful when used right, and I would rather have a lot of farmers out there knowing what they’re doing when they’re blowing stumps and boulders.

    (OSU is this state’s cow college. It’s sometimes referred to as Moo U. It’s the one with a healthy College of Agriculture, and it also has a quite large Forestry department. The Ag department actually had cow barns; they were near enough to the dorm I lived in that we sometimes got whiffs of manure when the wind was blowing wrong.)

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