This months top posts.

Yes well spotted, I can’t ber arsed writting anything. I have armour to finish and two educational programs to write all with only one functional arm so suck it up.

Coming in at number 3: The post that just wont dieand freeloader favorite – Free Ballista Plans! – Revisited. At least we seem to have stopped getting comments from morally outraged 12 year olds who seem to be working on the delusion that the world in general and I in particular owe them a living and more to the point free plans.

Speaking of plans the plans for the table top managanol & ballista are now available for $5 each. The kitsets are discontinued until futher notice because a. they don’t make enough for the work and b, I’m having some real trouble in getting them to arrive at the moment. When you’re up to attempt three and you’re making a blistering $12 off the deal you start to get grumpy.

Our silver medal this month goes to shiny things! Let there be… pewter! with twice as many hits as the number 3 slot. Celebrate comericalism. For those that have ordered things they have been dispatched so stand by your mail box! For four to ten working days… take a sandwich, you’ll be right.

And the number one position is taken out by… Gay test. Which itself has twice as many hits as the number two slot. Frankly I don’t think the post is what most people going there think it is and to be entirely truthful if have doubts about being gay to the point where you’re taking online tests, you’re probably not. But my goodness doesn’t there seem to be a lot of you. Real blokes watch Jane Austen too guys, deal with it.

2 Responses to This months top posts.

  1. llew says:

    Especially when she’s in a swimsuit. Woo!

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