Some Pictures.

September 26, 2007

Set your watch to….


Ok… there was a rifle here ten minutes ago…


Luxury riverside residence with indoor out door flow.


A team of dedicated and professional security staff.


Well organised…


.. ish.


What could possibly go wrong?


1st Place & Runner Up in the Silly Hat with Facial Hair competition.


One of these people is not the Mayor of a small town.


Nor are these people.




Not thwack, more like creak woosh.


… or something.


Twang, thud.









Our friendly…


and helpful…




always ready…


to leand a hand.






The end.



Hey, lets be careful out there!

September 26, 2007

Its a timely tale. Even hard core professionals can get pinged out of the blue. Frankly if you’re going to get smacked in the face by a trebuchet arm I’d prefer it to be Tiny’s 6′ arm rather than Yankee Seiges 55′ arm.

It was a rough ending to the first weekend of the annual pumpkin flinging season by the Yankee Siege when one of the medieval weapon’s main operators was injured in an accident.

Being able to throw a pumpkin over 1,000′ Yankee Siege is one of the heavy hitters of the catapult world and Chuck Willard is lucky to get away with just a stitch and a sore jaw.

This is why I’ve spent nearly two years in research and working range proceedures while working my way up with little machines. That and the whole being really way too poor to build the big beast of course.

Even the most experienced can get caught out. Now I go back and revist the hooking up procedure to ensure Mr Face gets nowhere near Mr Throwing Arm even when you thing the trigger is locked. I may need an additional crew member for April. Volunteers?

Tribute to Marcel Marceau

September 26, 2007

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September 26, 2007

We could just let him die and use the money for several life saving operations for non-drug dealing scum type people instead.


Question for today.

September 26, 2007

What was a gay activist website doing cruising the sites of young boys in the first place?

If Bill Englishs son is fair game for your attention then you are WIDE open to recieve ours!

You now have it.

UPDATE: For the hard of learning. This site does not exist for your free speech, it exists for mine. I do NOT host labour party sock puppetry so don’t bother. Any further comments from labour party afiliates and follwers will be removed without warning and may be result in action under the anti-spamming laws.


September 25, 2007

To be honest, I want one.

Thought for the day.

September 25, 2007

Helen Simpson is a very attractive woman who is more likely to draw me to a place than drive me from it.

Christchurch Casino staff are bunch of small minded dickheads who are working hard to ensure they will never ever get the chance to seperate me from my money.

This is an observation not a discussion.

Note to Chris and Helen: Hope you enjoy your stay. Please excuse the current management, we’re addressing some issues that have come to our attention.

I’m making a moral stand!

September 21, 2007

Thats right, I am now a Conscientious Objector!

In the fight on Climate Change I refuse to take up arms!

I am pround to be the planets first Conscientious Objector in the fight against Global Warming. Even more than this I say this is an illegal war and an unjust one waged by big business for big business with the likes of Al Gore spining their web of lies to perpetuate the myth of WMD.

There is NO weather mass of destruction! Gore lied people were taxed!!!

There has always been weather, I direct you any place on the planet and can produce evidence of “errosion” caused by “weather”.  Now so called experts (who depend on the WMD lie for their grants and funding) will tell you that this so-called “errosion” is not a real phenomenon and in reality the planet has remained static and unchanging for 300,000,000 years (give or take three months and 8 days).

I say to you that this is a lie and that we have always had weather and it has always been changing!!!

As a Conscientious Objector I will not be subject to the taxes that those of you who support this illegal war will be subjected to and I will be exempt from being a party to the new Labour Party currency “carbon credits” that will be used to subvert the economy, punish the rich and pander to the sick lame and lazy!

Join me commrades, do not buy into this lie and persecute an innocent planet that only wants to have tides, winds, rain and eathquakes that are its cultrual right!

Become a Gorbul Warming Conscientious Objector today!

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And on a lighter note…

September 20, 2007

Lets make our semi-bi-anual-random check-in with Dino shall we…

Yep, there’s our synthetic saurian sentry sticking to his position. Clearly not a democrat. Good work that cartoon character!

Little overcast up White Island way this morning I see.

Labour tax relief.

September 20, 2007

When they only manage to come up with a new tax every second month.

This time: Rubbish!

Yes they are going to tax us on rubbish. Like a domiatrix on acid these bitches just can’t stop themselves from thrashing us with the tax stick. This is all part of their plan to get enough money together so they can steal buy another election with tax bribes. Of course Cullen has a history of promising tax cuts then changing his mind, in short a taxcut teasing bitch.

A new rubbish tax on households and companies is virtually a certainty as Labour continues its environmental push by working with the Greens on legislation to reduce waste.

You’re fucking liars, you have NO interest in reducing rubbish you want more money. Thats all, just crab and grasp more of other peoples money so you can continue to social engineer and punish those with the ability to succeed in your insane, myopic socialist crusade to drag us all down to the level of benfit drones who live at the pleasure of the state.

If we taxed Labour on the efluent they produced the party would be bankrupted and cease to exist.

Oh happy day.  

Of course the great unwashed pretty much begged for this sadistic thrashing with 85% of those sitting at home with nothing better to do saying they believed in global warming.

This had Helen virtually wetting her tax payer funded undies with gushes of “national concensus” and well this is a gravy train if ever I saw one written all over her face.

Which is funny really because when it was 85% of people were saying NO to her and Slapper Bradfords home intrusion bill she didn’t give a crap and it was all “shut up and do what you’re told because we know better”.

Welcome to my country, currently departing from gates 1, 2, 3 & 4 for Sydney, Melbourne and anywhere else sane. Current estimates have it that by 2019 only beneficaries and refugess will be left with 10 employed people to support them.