All your children are belong to Dear Leader!

WTF is this shit?????

Mandatory screening of every baby’s home life is being proposed by the children’s commissioner in a bold bid to halve New Zealand’s shocking child murder rate.

Cindy Kiro’s scheme would make it compulsory for every newborn’s caregiver to nominate an authorised provider to assess their family’s progress through home visits.

Those who refused to take part would be referred to welfare authorities.

Dr Kiro said the scheme would cost about $5 million a year, and professional assessments suggested it could save five children a year in the first five years.

The defualt setting is all parents are child abusers until proven innocent now? Fuck off, seriously, just fuck the hell right off.

Now a question for those of you playing at home. Do ANY of you have any questions as to why every single day of the week 100 New Zealanders become Australians in every thing but name?

And lets be brutally honest here. Those 5 children a year that will cost us 1 million dollars each to save come from people who shuld not have been permitted to breed in the first place. their path is almost set on concret from birth. If they survive they’ll be DPB The Next Generation.

Do not forget that we live in a country where a 15 year old girl is allowed to die on a waiting list rather than pay $5,000 for a private operation, so yes, it is about money. We’re just negotiating the amount at this point.


3 Responses to All your children are belong to Dear Leader!

  1. ZenTiger says:

    I wonder how good they will be at guessing ‘which’ 5 children to save…better take a few hundred that meet the risk profile and put them into foster care

  2. dad4justice says:

    I cannot believe that John Key agrees with this !!!

    These twisted socialism idolizing freaks , both Labour and National are a disgrace to all our past family family members that have died in wars protecting our freedoms and our families . 80 % against smacking bill , but that didn’t stop Chester giving the bearded bush pig Bradford a kiss !

    I am livid with all politicians, as they are a disgrace and are guilty of driving society down the socialist sewer nanny government ideology . What the hell will cyfs do , more home invasions expected , young parents please go to Australia as this government have lost the plot regarding the family . The opposition are as weak as weasel piss !!

    Society must fight back , as enough is enough , surely we all have the right to uphold standards of public decorum ?

  3. krm says:

    ZenT – And from those 100s of kids put into foster care (to “save” 5 of them), dozens will be lost. So, in typical socialist fashion, millions would be spent to lose dozens of kids for the purpose of saving 5.

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