Seems very unlikely but whatever.


How will I die?

Your Result: You will die while having sex.


Your last moments in this life will be enjoyable indeed...hopefully. Do not fear sex. Try not to become celibate as a way of escaping death. You cannot run from destiny.

You will die in your sleep.


You will die while saving someone's life.


You will die of boredom.


You will die in a nuclear holocaust.


You will die from a terminal illness.


You will be murdered.


You will die in a car accident.


How will I die?
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Ok roger to that. I'll will not become celebate. Although this does seem to fly in the face of a near universal policy of the potential participants.


4 Responses to Seems very unlikely but whatever.

  1. krm says:

    I got the same result. I took it as good news (hey, we all gotta go somehow – and I can’t think of anything I’d prefer to be doing when it’s time to check out).

  2. Veeshir says:

    They claim I’ll die in my sleep.
    Whew, I’d rather do that than die screaming and terrorized like the people in the car I’ll be driving when I die.

  3. krm says:

    My wife’s said she’ll die in her sleep. Perhaps we’ll be checking out together?

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