Blogger seeks political asylum.

Time is short and the wheels are turning. Someone get me the hell out out of here!

Stalin had the KGB, Clark now has her own department to deal with “Trans-national networks link gangs, business people, families, political and religious movements and terrorist activities.”

We need a criminal investigation and prosecution unit to go after families, business people, church goers and ANYONE who takes part in the political process but isn’t a psycophantic left winger?

Then we must examine the speed with which this “transition” is taking place. The Serious Fraud Office which this new SS unit is replacing only a couple of months ago was looking for a new CEO and got a massive funding injection. Litterally overnight its being shut down and the staff transfered to the new unit.

Its staff will transfer to the OCA during a 12-month transition period, which starts now.

Clearly a high degree of urgency from a government that takes 18 months to find one of their own did nothing wrong by taking bribes in the form of free work in exhange for immigration assistance wouldn’t you say?

12 months time eh. Whats going on in 12 months time in New Zealand? Northcote College Spring Fair? Taita Golleges production of A Man For All Seasons? The Wellington Country Womens Institute BAKE SALE???

Or could it be that theres an election of sorts! I say of sorts because it sure isn’t shaping up as being a democratic one. Remeber those jokes about communist countries election results being stolen before the election? Yeah, not so funny from the inside thanks.

This is yet another transparent attempt to hamper the democratic process, steal another election and to shamelesly rewrite the legsilation post event to legitimise the theft of power by the most corrupt, malicious, dishonest, arrogant, vile, nasty vindictive and power mad group of people this country has ever been stupid enough to keep electing.   

If people get the governments they deserve then I for one wish to appologise for whatever it is we did to deserve this.

My great great grandfather commanded the Palmerston North Guard for this? My great great uncle took his own horses to South Africa for this? My great uncles climbed Rhododendron Ridge for this? The got blasted at Paschendale for this? My grand father and his brothers spend 4 years on the Mediterranean tour from hell for THIS?

Between us my father my brother and I have 54 years of military service so we could watch our democracy dismantled from within?????

I don’t think so Tim.

These guys are going to march. I would have used a different first two letters in the name but all credit to you. But I think we’re looking at a line being pole-vaulted over and its time to watch out for pukekos.  Someone out there is going to go over the edge and I don’t want to be here when it happens. So someone out there get me refugee status will you. Perth, Brisbane, New York, I hear the fishing is good in West Virginia. I’m not fussy. Will work for green card… also money.

Bottom line is Helen Clark has just set up her own personal Gestapo to go after people like me. People who are tired of her crap.


6 Responses to Blogger seeks political asylum.

  1. Ouch, well get thee to the US asap man.

  2. George says:

    Well said sir.

  3. Lucyna says:

    Hi Murray, what is happening has been inevitable for a long time. I don’t think any country is immune. It’s just that NZ has to be in the vanguard. Why, I don’t know. I’d not panic just yet.

  4. panic is what we should all be doing lucyna.
    I for one have my queensland bolt hole ready as we are now on a course that will be unstoppable . The great unwashed mass of kiwis who can see no further than the bribes cullen will serve up next year will vote these bastards back in and I will not ride down to third world status as the cuba of the pacific with them.

  5. Lucyna says:

    BB, I could see this coming several years ago. Most people thought I was crazy, or exaggerating for effect. But, in those years of blogging and thinking and researching, I found an answer that I didn’t expect. Far greater evils than this have been averted, despite overwhelming odds. See The Battle of Lepanto and The Miracle over the Vistula as an example.

    However, in order for the masses to wake up, I think it will have to get far worse. And it probably will. John Key will not be the saviour many people think he will be.

    No, what is happening requires an internal change in the people of NZ. There will be a lot required to get to that point.

    Australia is full of lefties – what’s been happening here may quite easily be replicated over there. Howard may lose the next election. All the state governments are leftie. There’s a point at which you need to stand and be counted, rather than running away.

  6. krm says:

    Always a guestroom at my place for you.

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