Anglosphere unites to oppose the UN!

With the notable exception of the mother country.

Mother….. country!

Lets take a look shall we, you know you want to.

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a non-binding declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples after 22 years of debate.

So what I getting is that after 22 years of wank you have produced a meaningless document. Good work Untied Nations, it only takes a kiwi kid getting “defered success” on his NCEA report a couple of hours to do that. But good for you, well done. Here’s lollipop.

The document proposes protections for the human rights of native peoples, and for their land and resources.

Gosh exciting isn’t it readers. Just makes you want to go out and hug an Inuit right now doesn’t it and feel all warm and nobel about it without being in the least bit condescending either.

The General Assembly passed it, with 143 countries voting in favour and 11 abstaining.

Four nations – Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States – each with large indigenous populations, voted against.

Damn those evil evil white people again! Bastards!!!!

Of course Britain, the nation that hosts the parasite media organisation BBC who penned this news item I’m sourcing has a large indigenous population too. They are called English (or Anglish if you prefer) who have been there for at least 600 years longer than the first cheap plastic Taiwanese imported “indigenous” people first got blown ashore here. Recent indications are that Britain could well do with some afirmative action of its own to protect its indigenous peoples from the ravages of recent colonisation!

The bottom line here is the UN have attempted to have some of the worst violaters of human rights the planet has ever seen dicatate to those countries who have made efforts of their own to address their own situations while having their own ignored.

The Angloshpere cordialy invites the UN to cram it it up its multiculteral backside and get back to oppressing its own peoples.

Thank you for your interest.


3 Responses to Anglosphere unites to oppose the UN!

  1. Brian says:

    I though I had heard wrong when I first saw this news. ‘Aunty Helen’s Government opposing something at the UN!’ Good on them, we should not be afraid to do this to the UN busybodies more often

  2. Yes, as if we are to believe the UN to know racism if it bit it on the rump.

  3. Murray says:

    Don’t get too excited Brian, its more about Helen not likeing being told what to do than about common sense.

    I refer you to ANY legislation passed in the last eight years [cough]anti-smacking bill[cough].

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