Five years and nothing ago…

some dickhead tried to shut my brother up by offering him the choice of unemployment or pulling his blog.

This happened

Then some guy called “Tom Paine” showed up. He later tried his had at this “podcasting lark and interviewed some of the best known newsmakers in the blogosphere ending up with one of the most listened to Anglosphere political podcasts on the third rock. They even passed the 100 shows mark recently.

Little hint to the left wing media gatekeepers, we’ve found the back door and every time to try to stop one of us three more spring up. Kind like putting out burney stuff by throwing more burney stuff on it isn’t it.

Must REALLY suck to be so impotent.

Anyway. Yay me, been blogging for five years.

Note to Team Argghhh: Get some time up newbies.


One Response to Five years and nothing ago…

  1. krm says:

    Happy anniversary!

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