Hey, lets be careful out there!

Its a timely tale. Even hard core professionals can get pinged out of the blue. Frankly if you’re going to get smacked in the face by a trebuchet arm I’d prefer it to be Tiny’s 6′ arm rather than Yankee Seiges 55′ arm.

It was a rough ending to the first weekend of the annual pumpkin flinging season by the Yankee Siege when one of the medieval weapon’s main operators was injured in an accident.

Being able to throw a pumpkin over 1,000′ Yankee Siege is one of the heavy hitters of the catapult world and Chuck Willard is lucky to get away with just a stitch and a sore jaw.

This is why I’ve spent nearly two years in research and working range proceedures while working my way up with little machines. That and the whole being really way too poor to build the big beast of course.

Even the most experienced can get caught out. Now I go back and revist the hooking up procedure to ensure Mr Face gets nowhere near Mr Throwing Arm even when you thing the trigger is locked. I may need an additional crew member for April. Volunteers?


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